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What's striking to me is just how far away ostensibly "neutral" news organizations really are from neutrality, even if it's not conscious or intentional. Every time the NYT or WaPo publishes a story with a headline that references a "false claim" from Trump, or a protester who "was struck by a police vehicle" or a "debate" about climate science, they're immediately putting the reader into a headspace of approaching what they're about to read as a debate with two sides, when it isn't one.

Trump didn't make a "false claim." He lied.

The protester wasn't "struck by a police vehicle." They were assaulted by a LEO.

And the only "debate" about climate science is whether or not there's still enough time to get a reacharound before we're finished being fucked.

The fact is that the mainstream media can't objectively report facts about political figures without softening the language enough to appease Certain People, and I haven't seen any widely-consumed medium even take an incremental step or two in the right direction in the Trump era. In fact, I'd argue it's gotten, and is getting, much worse.

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My favorite interviews are the ones where a source says three paragraphs at a time without letting the reporter finish a sentence

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I wish this interview had taken place after the Harper's letter. Would love to see his response to that.

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