This was my "man, what the hell?!" this week:

"They’re an arm of Antheus Capital, whose website — which was taken down after we exposed this — whose website itself says that their mission is gentrification [ed. note: the specific quote on the site read: “we have been able to take advantage of early stage gentrification trends to acquire assets at significant discounts and reposition them to command above-market rents and long-term rental growth.”] "

my jaw literally dropped when I read this. Who are these people that are ok with investing their money here? Furthering my conviction that "your worldview has consequences."

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Aug 6, 2020Liked by Samantha Grasso

Landlords here are currently suing Baltimore over rent increase bans. So if you raise rent, then probably evict more people, then what? Who exactly is moving in? These places don't have waiting lists exactly right now. They don't actually have a plan. It basically amounts to "Don't you dare tell me how to run my business during a crisis! I'll go broke before the gov't tells me how much I can charge!" Of course from my own experience with several landlords in Baltimore, I'm not the least bit surprised at this reaction.

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