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Since Israel DOES seem to be bothered by the ICJ action, and is bugging countries to support it at the ICJ https://www.commondreams.or... , and since activists have been visiting embassies to get more countries to support the South African invocation of the Genocide Convention (so far it's Malaysia, Turkey, Slovakia, Jordan I believe) - https://www.commondreams.or... -

my action for today is to email asking these governments to sign on officially (picked the governments by the ones the activists have been visiting). Normally if you google [country, embassy, Washington DC] it's easy to find a consular email address. I'm emailing Colombia, Chile, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Belize, Brazil, Denmark, France, Honduras, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Italy, Haiti, Pakistan, Belgium, Kuwait.

I'm old with limited mobility but this is something I can do. And I doubt embassies get much volume of email normally, unlike congressfolk.

I understand the document South Africa filed is very well put together and well written to make the case this is genocide. The National Lawyers Guild has been pressing for this for some time (I no longer give to the ACLU, NLG is much better). Perhaps they helped write the brief? Anyhow, kudos to them.

One brave Israeli legislator is supporting also: https://www.commondreams.org/news/ofer-cassif-icj-genocide-case

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