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I will ride the shoebill train to the fiery gates of hell and back.

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Round 1 record: 6/16, which is about as good as I ever do when picking an NCAA bracket.

Round 2 picks:

Meme bird vs. Indigo bunting: I'll give the shoebill some credit for showing up as a character in two of my favorite video games of recent years, Ori & the Will of the Wisps and Chicory: A Colorful Tale. But I feel like it does have the overexposure thing happening, plus I'm a little sore it knocked out the very cute and resilient piping plover. Going with the bunting.

American Crow vs. Common Potoo: This is a tough one. Potoos are amazing - I have seen them appear as wood-like lumps by day and misleadingly chill predators by night. But corvids generally win me over, plus another one of my favorite games from last year was Death's Door, where you play a crow (hooded, not American).

Flicker vs Fruit doves? Flicker. No contest. A woodpecker that pulls insects from the ground, because when you're this mighty, the whole world might as well be made of wood.

Hoatzin vs. Cedar Waxwing. Cedar waxwings will get drunk from eating overripe berries. In this apartment, we drink Manhattans on Fridays, so I'm going to enjoy this cocktail and give the waxwing my (slightly tipsy) vote.

Even the most resplendent pheasant can't compete with the pure, unbridled aggression of a hummingbird.

Weavers vs. Secretary bird. This is a tough one. I flipped a coin and the weavers won. I am sure they're going to lose because my second round record in brackets is usually worse than my first.

American woodcock vs. Kea. TIMBERDOODLES NEVER SAY DIE! (To be fair, the don't say much of anything besides "PEEEENT!")

Steller's Sea Eagle vs. Lammergeier. This is kind of a coin flip too, but I grew up in the Philly area and am going to go with the eagle here.

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New Zealand's iconic alpine parrot has my heart, but the woodcock walk haunts my soul. I will not be sleeping well this week

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Okay, okay, we get your bias against the Maryland flag, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT YOU HAVE NO TASTE.

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Discourse blog needs bird merch

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