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"The time for cis and straight people to show up for our LGBTQ peers is now, and the lack of action on the part of cis people to shut down the bad faith “trans debate” early on is partially to blame for the spiraling transphobic discourse we have today."


I didn't want to write an essay. I'll save that for my tiny blog. But what just entered my mind reading this is that so-called liberals need to fight simply because many many people died winning civil rights over the centuries. And no, I don't mean we won rights fighting wars. Wars can only block the advance of tyranny, not expand freedoms. People died on US soil for these rights. And since the rise of Trump, rights and liberties are being taken away. Reproductive rights. Bodily autonomy. Free speech. The right to bloody live. We liberals are told not to fight - not to stoop to the GOP's level. "We go high" said Michelle Obama, which is a euphemism for "don't get into a street fight." Well if we can't get into a street fight when freedoms are being rolled back, then we can never fight to get them back. And there's no need to bring up Nazi analogies! Freedoms are just being taken away. It happens all over the world and now it is happening here. If we don't fight, we won't live long enough to see those freedoms restored. Simple as that. And by fight, I mean march through the state capitals of red states. Otherwise, we should tell these red states to leave the Union. We can't exist as a nation if women and queer people have rights in one state but are prosecuted in another. Fuck this.

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