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Jun 9, 2022·edited Jun 9, 2022Liked by Samantha Grasso

I am sorry you went through this but thank you for writing your thoughts on the experience. I saw only a small bit of the trailer and my first thought was “oh hell no”. Like you said - why would I ever watch this when I have lived it? America is deeply patriarchal and misogynistic - that on its own is enough reason not to go. After a childhood in a white supremacy home where the man is “always right and always in charge” and being raised in a rigid, deeply misogynistic religious cult plus ten years in the military where the prevailing attitudes and policies about sexual harassment and assault were “boys will be boys” and “if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen” - no thanks to ‘entertainment’ like this - no matter how beautifully shot or excellently acted. We have to watch out for ourselves. Once something like this is seen, it can’t be unseen. (For me, this would cause my ptsd to spike and for nightmares to increase, including bits and pieces of this movie.) Thanks again for writing about this. I wish you well.

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