I've been thinking about this a lot this weekend, but I don't know any solutions. We can't even get our government to stop killing us, how can we convince them to stop killing Palestinians?

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I think this is where I struggle the most with articulating my views on... all of this. It’s callous and gross to put in plain terms, but a people have a moral and ethical responsibility for what their governments do in their names. When it gets far enough away from the present, it’s a lot easier to say “haha fuck those colonizers they had it coming after everything done to Native American or in apartheid South Africa” or really anywhere where a group of people are fighting against a superior occupying force. Israel feels like they now have the green light to do whatever they’d like the same way America did post 9/11, when both attacks were more or less chickens coming home to roost.

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Have we considered the possibility that Biden CAN'T reasonably say or do anything more than the anodyne nothings he has already said? Yes, atrocity is begetting atrocity here, but Biden is President of the United States, and that carries with it a metric crapload of ancillary baggage.

What happens if Biden comes out forcefully against Israel here, and starts threatening to deny funds and weapons? Internationally, does that threaten to push Israel to align more with Russia or China? Is Israel pushed further to the right when they realize they're increasingly isolated? Are Hamas and Hezbollah emboldened to continue attacking? Do other allies start to worry that the USA won't help them when they need it?

Domestically, it's not even a question, Republicans jump ALL OVER the White House for not coming to Israel's aid and seemingly aligning with what can reasonably be called a terrorist organization (yes, I know and I agree, Hamas is not Palestine, but what's the talking point on EVERY NEWS OUTLET?). Do American Jews (and American Jewish donors) abandon the Democratic party? Does this result in Trump winning 2024 or, if miraculously not, solid majorities for Republicans in both branches of Congress? Are Jews in an increasingly antisemitic America less safe?

I was beside myself sending my kids to Jewish preschool last Friday because of the Hamas dude in Qatar calling for a day of Jihad (we live in a pretty Jewish neighborhood, so keeping them home was probably not much safer). Jewish schools and centers around the country and the world closed, and parents kept kids home from schools that were open. I know nothing happened, but if Biden even waffles for a second on support for Israel, is someone emboldened to actually do something terrible on that Global Day of Jihad?

I don't disagree that America's support of Israel's actions in Gaza is pretty repugnant. But it's not, and never has been, in a vacuum.

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For me, not thee.

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my only comment:

peace in the middle east for humanity's sake

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