"No matter what he says about the Saudi regime now, it’s clear whose interests will always come out on top."

Exxon shareholders?

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i feel like, as long as we're using fossil fuels, we're going to have a "relationship" with the saudis. per my dad, a retired metallurgical inspector at an oil refinery (with the blood disorder to prove it), oil from the middle east is the "cleanest" — i.e. the easiest to refine, unlike tar sands or venezuelan oil, which is sludgy and dirty and acidic and just ruins refining equipment — so all the refineries want it. and whatever oil companies want ...

god knows that doesn't mean we should keep helping them wipe out the yemeni people, say, but fossil fuels rule the day and if the cost of that sweet sweet oil is a little prolonged campaign of death and destruction, well.

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I would prefer we not do business with them

A Biden visit will only improve the Saudis status among nations. They don't deserve that respect. imho

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