So I'm going to say this not to start a fight, and not because I think we should go headlong into a war that could cause more bloodshed. I long for peace, especially since I was born on the Romanian - Ukrainian border and have family in both countries.

At what point would this kind of thinking have advocated for going to war in WW1 AND WW2? What makes what's happening here different than what happened in the 30s? How do we know that not doing something now, not standing up to Putin in a more solid way, won't cause the war to spread further, even to NATO?

I know they're not the same thing (no two wars are), but millions have been displaced and there is a war criminal invading Eastern Europe and killing civilians indiscriminately.

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I had a conversation with some friends who were mad that the jets weren’t sent to Ukraine (as well as about the No Fly Zone) and I told them (and I never thought I’d ever say this) but NATO was smart not to do it.

There’s no much bullshit the media is throwing and I hate that it’s making most of my friends who are normally level headed (hell, most definitely smarter than me in many areas) suddenly say this irrational shit.

Good thing I’m taking a four day weekend. I’m gonna need it!

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Thanks, Jack. Yes, the belief that the US runs the world is very hard to break.

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