This country is irrevocably fucked imho. Excellent observation about how this is just the tip of the iceberg of dullards, mutants, and freaks that will inevitably rise up from the ooze that is the modern GOP.

As an aside, the shot at Ron Howard made me chuckle although might be slightly unfair given the source material he was working with. I imagine any director would struggle making a doughfaced pasty loser like Vance into a compelling protagonist that audiences actually gaf about.

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Tim Ryan has run a baffling campaign that leaves me certain of Vance's victory

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Isn't that the way of it? Hillary, Sara Gideon, literally anyone who challenges Mitch McConnell, almost Joe Biden, it's been proven time and time again that a campaign HAS to be more than just "loogit that weirdo," and yet Democrats KEEP DOING IT. Just a stupid, dumb, old, fog-brained party that can't get past things that worked LITERALLY THIRTY YEARS AGO. The idiots that run this trash heap would probably try to get Biden to have an affair with an intern if they thought it'd get him re-elected, because seemingly every Democratic leader or strategist over the age of 50 goes through a mandatory lobotomy.

It's Tuesday morning, and I need a drink.

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