KK my GG. TikTok is clearly an abominable place.

These recipe choices are not.. choice, either. They are the food of nightmares.

May i recommend that you stick to oats.

Blended, with water, strained to make oat milk

Then use the remaining oat bits to make oat cakes.

Then... make some porridge.

Look, I'm Scottish. So oats is all I've got. But by god, I will not go gently letting Oatly oat milk make a luxury of this foodstuff that has seen us through thousands of miserable, monotonous years of hard living.

And whisky. But don't try making that at home.

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Man, I wish I didn't have to think about TikTok or look at Shereen's face. Disappointment level 4.5 out of 5.

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Just as a fact check, newt on TikTok says his age is 21 so he at least claims not to be a teen

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