how to make homemade pizza less soggy:

This took mea years to figure out and google wasn't particularly helpful with that either, so pizza making at home wasn't really all that fun until I finally found out about Pizza Baker Youtube. There's folks on there who try the weirdest things to get the perfect pizza out of their home oven and some work and some don't, but one technique really does work quite fine.

So basically you obviously need a good dough and creating a good dough isn't exactly rocket science like some make it seem. You don't need fancy stuff like beer and thousands of ingredients. Most people are very secretive about their recipes, but Neapolitan pizza bakers are actually pretty unharbored about their dough and it's pretty easy too! https://www.pizzanapoletana.org/en/ricetta_pizza_napoletana

Usually they recommend Tipo 00 flour, but since you are probably baking in a home oven, you can simply use AP flour. 00 flour is quite inefficient with lower temperatures.

As for the sauce, no need to get fancy. You just need to puree canned tomatoes and salt them to taste. In terms of cheese, I use regular Fior di Latte and mix in some Bufala, you could make it all Bufala if you are feeling fancy, but I usually just stick with a bit because Bufala usually has quite an aggressive flavor. Cheese should be sliced rather than broken down by hand. I usually let the cheese dry a bit for some time depending on its consistency.

Stretching the dough: Don't use a rolling pin! Work from the inside to the outside. No need for throwing the dough into the air and all that, either you know how to or you don't and if you don't it's rather counter-productive. This is a good video about stretching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR2Teqs4qc4&

Now we get to the baking part and the part where we figure out the 'soggy' issue. Obviously with a home oven you have longer baking times than in a wood fired oven, so especially the cheese because a problem here because of it's rather fast cooking time. I circumvent that by baking the pizza without the cheese for some time so they dough is properly established before the cheese is added.

So basically: I preheat by oven to the highest possible temperature and then put the pizza (with tomato sauce, so the surface won't burn) on the highest rack. (Directly under the heating elements) I don't have a specific time as to when to add the cheese, so you should check on the pizza from time to time and get it out as soon as you feel like the dough is starting to get crusty. (Usually that's between 5-10 minutes in my oven)

Now you add some more tomato sauce and the cheese. Throw it back into the oven and wait till the cheese has properly melted. Right before you feel like your pizza is ready, add a very generous amount of basil. Let it back for another 20 seconds or so and you are done.

Oh and this works best with a pizza stone.

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"May 20 - jia tolentino parents Red Scare subreddit site:www.reddit.com"

The amount of people who were sympathetic to Jia and told her that they were sorry that she "had to go through this" was insane.

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This is not a meaningful comment in any way but I’m leaving this here for you! ‪https://twitter.com/JamieJack92/status/1206877377676161024/video/1‬

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did you make the lamb

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My Google search history is usually pretty boring because 90% of my searching is done from search engines that don't track me, haha. On Google I mostly just see food recipes and how to fix stuff around my house. People think I'm weird enough already, no need to keep an internet search trail.

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I'd try VLC if you want to speed up audio during playback, or Audacity if you want to save a sped up version of the audio file. Both free and open source!

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