The “Biden is feeling sorry for himself because he doesn’t get recognition for his achievements” piece.

His whole bullshit op Ed in WSJ targeting “reasonable republicans” as if any of them existed, or would vote for him.

You fucking moron the 20% approval rating support you lost was to your left not your right. Why are you courting people who didn’t vote for you and alienating those who did? Maybe your shit approval rating is because your a bad politician and your getting what you deserve???

Ok maybe I do care about this story a bit but just cause it’s so aggravating that the solutions are right fucking there but these clowns choose to wear asshats then complain no one takes them seriously.

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because those 20% are largely minorities. The right are not. Question answered

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Jacinda Ardern visiting the White House to talk to Biden about things that will never happen anyway so what's the point.

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