May 30 • 6M

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'With Open Eyes'

It's all over.


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Aleks Chan
Caitlin Schneider
Jack Crosbie
Jack Mirkinson
Katherine Krueger
Politics and culture from the left—in audio form!
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Well, here we are—at the end of Succession and at the end of Succession Sick Fuck of the Week. What an episode, what a show, what a bevy of riches for us to discuss. This one is action-packed and super-sized, as we sift through all of the shocks and twists and pick not only our Sick Fucks of the Week but our Sick Fucks of the entire series.


So join us—Katherine, Caitlin, and Jack, with excellent cameos from Aleks and Cros—as we celebrate Succession and recap the series finale, “With Open Eyes.”

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