Apr 4 • 2M

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Rehearsal'

We're back baby!


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Caitlin Schneider
Jack Mirkinson
Katherine Krueger
A special Discourse Pod asking the question: who was the 'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week?
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Succession is back, and so is Succession Sick Fuck of the Week, the exclusive Discourse Blog series in which we decide which member of our favorite group of sickos leaped ahead of the pack to earn the coveted title of Sick Fuck of the Week.

Every week until this (final!) season is over, you can come here to find out who won the big prize. Only this time, we’re doing it a little differently: we’re doing it in PODCAST FORM.

That’s right! This year’s Sick Fuck of the Week is coming to you as a special edition of Discourse Pod, the podcast from Discourse Blog, for our paid subscribers. It’s also coming to you in a special SECTION of Discourse Blog, complete with its own title and logo and everything. (If you want to unsubscribe from this special section, just follow the instructions here.)


In this week’s inaugural edition, Caitlin, Katherine, and Jack M dive into Episode 2, “Rehearsal.” Some (but not all!) topics discussed include: bisexual lighting, the symbolism of Shiv’s wardrobe, whether Logan is sincere, Roman’s face acting, and, of course, who each podster thinks was the Sick Fuck of the Week. Join us, won’t you???

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