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'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'America Decides'
'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'America Decides'


“America Decides” is many things—a stellar hour of TV; the third-to-last-episode of Succession ever; a brutal reminder that all of these people are actually evil—but, if it is anything, it is The Wasabi Scene, in which Decision Desk guy Darwin is attacked by Greg with both wasabi and a lemony La Croix right in his eyeballs. “Wasabi straight into my corneas” is actually a pretty good metaphor for this episode: scalding, painful, and very, very spicy.

This was also possibly the sickest episode of the season so far (how could it not be, what with all the fascism floating around?). But who was the Sick Fuck of the Week? Cros, Katherine, and Jack tackle that, and so much more, in this latest edition of the pod. Join us!

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