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The Things That Drove Us Crazy In 2022
The Things That Drove Us Crazy In 2022
Where do we even start?

Discourse Blog staffer discussing something annoying. (Photo: Robert/Flickr)

2022 was, we can all surely agree, a very annoying year. The inhabitants of this planet were truly “on one” over these past 12 months, with untold millions being as dumb and useless as it is possible to be. This trend has continued right up to the end of the year.

That’s why we here at Discourse Blog decided to commemorate the things that annoyed us the most in this benighted year. We should stress that these are not things like “war” or “Elon Musk.” Take our annoyance at those things as read. These were the irksome bugbears that we just couldn’t shake, the constant irritants that helped make 2022 the bonfire of stupidity that it was. We all submitted a little audio clip where we talked about what drove us crazy this year, and we are happy to share the results with you.


You can listen to each of our individual rants below, or hear them all together in the podcast at the top of this post.

And let us know what drove you up the wall in the comments!

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