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Liz Truss Is One of the Worst Politicians of All Time

Liz Truss Is One of the Worst Politicians of All Time

Nobody out there is screwing up on the job quite like the UK prime minister.
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Messing up on the job: everyone’s been there! Nobody makes it through their career without dragging a whole bunch of mistakes behind them—that’s just an unfortunate byproduct of being alive. But there are some people whose work fuckups are so spectacular, so eye-watering, so epically terrible, that they ascend into a unique, almost awe-inspiring category of their own.

Folks, please welcome to the stage…Liz Truss, who must, by any standard, be considered one of the worst, most incompetent politicians of all time.

When Truss took over as the UK’s new prime minister just over a month ago, Queen Elizabeth was alive, the Conservative Party still had a reasonable hold on power, and Truss had been granted the opportunity to put her stamp on government. Now, the Queen is in the ground, the Tories’ political future lies in tatters, the UK economy is in free fall, and Truss is a dead woman walking. How the hell did that happen???

In the second round of “Discourse Blog: Audio Edition” (I promise we’ll think of a catchier name at some point), we attempt to answer that question, with the assistance of Hamza Ali Shah, a prolific writer and political researcher based in London. I talked to Hamza about why things went so wrong for Truss, what the Tories have done to the UK during their time in office, and, crucially, what the opposition Labour Party is offering as an alternative. Give it a listen!!!

Below, you’ll find a couple of excerpts from our chat; you can listen to the whole thing by clicking the big button at the top of this post. Then you can wow your friends and your enemies with your newfound expertise!


On why Tory incompetence and stupidity has left Liz Truss especially vulnerable:


On the damage the Tories have done to Britain in the last 12 years:


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