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What the Hell Is Up With the Midterms????

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What the Hell Is Up With the Midterms????

Everything you need to know about the biggest races, biggest lunatics, and biggest morons of this election season.
Photos: Sara Stathas for the Washington Post; Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Megan Varner/Getty Images; Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

In just under two months, Americans will go to the polls in a biennial ritual of humiliation and agony known as the “midterm elections.” We will then find out whether, among other things, any halfway decent laws will be able to make it through Congress in the near future, the person who gets the most votes for president in 2024 will actually be allowed to win, and Dr. Oz will have to keep pretending that he really lives in Pennsylvania.

It’s important, is what I’m saying. But it’s also confusing—so many races to keep up with, and so little time! Well, fear no more: Discourse Blog is here. To help guide us through the vast thicket of elections big and small, pinpoint the ones you should be keeping an eye on in November, and identify the biggest lunatics and morons threatening us all, I turned to the person I trust most: my favorite politics wonk, Discourse Blog alum and current Vice News superstar Paul Blest!

And, in a twist, I had Paul share his knowledge using the noble medium….of AUDIO. Yes, it’s Discourse Blog: Audio Edition! Discourse Blog, but talking about stuff instead of writing it down!

Paul and I “sat down” last week and went through all of the most important races that will help decide who controls Congress and just how free and fair the 2024 election will be. We also talked about the role that the Supreme Court’s abortion decision is playing this year, what the midterms are saying about Donald Trump’s political standing, and what the outcome of the elections might mean for the Democratic agenda in 2023 and beyond.

Below, you’ll find a few excerpts from our chat; you can listen to the whole thing by clicking the big button at the top of this post. Then you can wow your friends and your enemies with your newfound expertise!

On whether or not the Kansas abortion referendum and other special elections are a good preview for what’s to come in November:


On the deeply weird Senate race in Georgia:


On why the Pennsylvania governor’s race matters so much:


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