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PRESENTING: Discourse Blog's 2024 Oscars Extravaganza!!!!

PRESENTING: Discourse Blog's 2024 Oscars Extravaganza!!!!

It's the REAL most important day in cinema: the day of our Oscars preview.
Art by Samantha Grasso

Welcome to one of the most important days of the year: the day when Discourse Blog talks about the Oscars! (Cue orchestra/iconic montage/etc.)

That’s right: We—meaning Caitlin, Jack, and Katherine—are here to discuss ALL TEN of the nominees for Best Picture, even the ones that have absolutely no business being on the list. We’ve got opinions on everything from the swoony Past Lives to the traumatizing Zone of Interest to the crime-against-cinema Maestro, and everything in between.

Topics discussed include:

—The dream of having someone walking the earth forever broken while thinking about you

—Is conducting real?

—Is directing real?

—How dumb is it to be jealous of a dog?

—Shouldn’t more people be saying that it’s weird to insert a baby’s brain into a dead woman?

—How do you pronounce Sandra Hüller’s name?

—How awful is a certain monologue?

—Less fun topics such as white supremacy and genocide (inevitable, sorry)

—And much, much, much more


So come join the party! Hang out, yell at your audio device of choice, and tell us how correct all of our thoughts were in the comments. And do not forget to watch the Oscars. But more importantly, don’t forget to listen to this podcast. Yay movies!

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