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Oppo Research, S01 E03: Pat McCrory (w/Paul Blest)[FREE]
Oppo Research, S01 E03: Pat McCrory (w/Paul Blest)[FREE]
Surprise! Turns out the former North Carolina governor was always a demon born in hell

In this week’s episode of Oppo Research, More Perfect Union staffer (and Discourse Blog co-founder!) Paul Blest joins Jack to talk about the godfather to right-wing, anti-trans hysteria: former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. Plus: Why it seems like every Republican behaves like a loser freak in college; McCrory’s very horny relationship with Dow Chemical, the roots of the trans bathroom bill, and McCrory’s ignominious fall from glory.


Oppo Research credits:

Host: Jack Mirkinson
Producer: Aleks Chan
Engineer, Editor, Art Director: Sam Grasso
Guest: Paul Blest