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Oppo Research, S01 E04: Dianne Feinstein (w/Katherine Krueger)[FREE]

Oppo Research, S01 E04: Dianne Feinstein (w/Katherine Krueger)[FREE]

So, she died while we were editing this episode....

OK, so, here’s what happened: We recorded a very special episode of Oppo Research—the season finale even!—where we decided to mix it up a little and have our usual host Jack sit in the, get this, GUEST chair and have inimitable Discourse Blog co-founder Katherine Krueger be the host. We recorded perhaps our best episode yet tracing the absolutely power-mad rise of California’s longest-serving senator, Dianne Feinstein.

And then, while we were in post-production for the season……….she died.

We’re bringing you this episode anyway, because there’s no question Feinstein played an immensely influential role during her time in San Francisco and her illustrious and frequently ignoble tenure in the Senate shaped a generation (TBT to her hugging Lindsey Graham after the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett!!!!!!!!!!). All with the caveat that, well, this episode features us talking about her as if she was, well, alive.


Anyway, enjoy! We loved working on this podcast and hope to make another season. (This will only happen if more people listen. Tell your friends…)


Oppo Research credits:
Host: Jack Mirkinson
Producer: Aleks Chan
Engineer, Editor, Art Director: Sam Grasso
Guest: Katherine Krueger

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