This week: Thomas Friedman vs. Pamela Paul. ONLY ONE CAN WIN.
Even though there's just one critic this week.
Forget streaming services and Marvel movies. Bad prop acting is what’s destroying film and television, one vacant coffee cup at a time.
Bush's slip-up isn't notable because of what it says about him. It's notable because of what it says about this country.
But it's going to be a rough road to get there.
An informal survey of TV habits from those near and dear to me, and also, from you, the readers.
It's apparently unfair to point out the clear, direct connections between the massacre and the Great Replacement conspiracy parroted by conservatives.
Feast your eyes upon the extremely metal splendor of this enormous, ancient scavenger.
Not even clear footage of Israeli troops assaulting a Palestinian funeral will stop some media outlets from distorting reality.
Sorry, but you’re not going to convince me that this absolutely predictable turn of events is anything but funny.
Discourses with Paul Blest on the swell of Starbucks union drives nationwide.
Many news organizations don't know. Witnesses do.