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Bird of the Week: Palestine Sunbird

The Wirecutter Union Won

The Best Things We Read This Year

Still Flying

Democrats, You've Done It Again!

We Have Confirmed That Headlights Are In Fact Too Bright

Let's All Calm Down About the Jan. 6 Commission

Jonah Furman On The Year Work Broke

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'All the Bells Say'

The AP Deserves the Pulitzer Prize for Propaganda

Bird of the Week: Anhinga

9 Questions for Ayesha A. Siddiqi

Jobs Are Still Hell For Working Americans

The Democrats' Defense Bill is a National Shame

Another In-Depth Interview With My Sons About Today’s World

There's No Reason They Can't Give Us Free Tests

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Chiantishire'

The GOP's Lunatic 2022 Playbook Is Already Here

Bird of the Week: Green Turaco

The Good Addict/Bad Addict Myth


The Many Ways My Bad and Expensive Health Insurance Has Screwed Me Over

Voting Can't Save Roe v. Wade

Please Join Me in Appreciating This 400 Year Old Grudge

Biden's Response to Omicron is Halfhearted at Best

‘Succession’ Sick Fuck of the Week: ‘Too Much Birthday’

What Did We Expect?

Wirecutter's Black Friday Pick Is a Fair Contract

Uncritical Race Theory

The 2020 Year-After Year-End Music List: Best of a Bad Year

Bird of the Week: Wild Turkey

Please Stop Stuffing Foods Inside Other Foods

The System Works

The 'Top Gun' Sequel Is Flooding Reality TV With Weird Military Propaganda

A Leftist Birder Tells Us About the Most Socialist Birds

The New York Times’ War On Its Newest Unions Is Heating Up

Everything's Going Great at Bari Weiss's Fake University

Labor Conditions in Fast Food Are Worse Than Ever

The BBC Is Being Gripped By a Wave of Transphobia

‘Succession’ Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Retired Janitors of Idaho'

Bird of the Week: Common Potoo

The Amazon Propaganda Machine Is Firing On All Cylinders

Nancy Pelosi, Friend of Billionaires, Against Taxing Billionaires For Some Reason

Does Brian Williams Need Forgiveness?

The GOP is Eating its Own After the Infrastructure Vote

You'll Never Guess What Mark Penn Wants the Democrats to Do

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Lion in the Meadow'

Bari Weiss' 'University' Scam Is Almost Too Good to Be True

Bird of the Week: Kea

It's Time For the Social Media Workforce to Organize

I Found The Woman Who Put My Grandma's Grave Online

The Democrats' Taste of Defeat is Just an Appetizer

'Let's Go Brandon!' Sucks for all the Wrong Reasons

Kinda Seems Like We're Screwed

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'The Disruption'

'This Is Film Industry Culture'

Birds of the Week: Spoooooooooooooooooky Discourse Blog Birds!

The Hell of Trying to Get Paid Medical Leave In America

Don't Expect Us to Say Thank You When You Give Us Crumbs

Don't Play Charlie Kirk's Game

You'll Never Guess Where the Kid Who Was Scared of 'Beloved' Works Now

Four Weeks of Paid Family Leave Is an Insult

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Mass In Time of War'

The Politicians Need to Log Off

Bird of the Week: Black-Winged Stilt

Biden's Immigration Policy Keeps Hitting New Lows

My Obsessive Quest to Understand Ben Affleck’s Hair in 'The Last Duel'

Cops Have Been Even Worse Than Usual This Week

Donald Trump's Eulogy For Colin Powell is Extremely Funny

The Democrats' New Lieberman Problem

Introducing: Our 'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week

Remember Colin Powell's Victims

Bird of the Week: Australian Raven

Please Fuck Off: Broadcast Legend Katie Couric

The Strikewave Is Too Big to Ignore

Madison Cawthorn Wants Halo Guns in Every American Home

Netflix's Commitment to Trans People Is a Joke

So Hot Right Now: Quitting

Sally Rooney Deserves An Apology

Keith Olbermann Is the Worst Kind of Baseball Fan

What Conservatives Accidentally Get Right About Columbus Day

Bird of the Week: Red Junglefowl

Two Sides of the Same Coin

'I Will Be Paying It Until I Die'

State Songs, Ranked

The Only Good News I Read Today

What Horrible Bathroom Secret is Ben Shapiro Trying to Hide?

Maybe This Internet Is Not Sustainable

God Forbid a Politician Faces the Consequences of Their Actions

Bird of the Week: These Parrots

Happy One-Year Anniversary of Trump Getting COVID

Big Scoop From Axios: Kyrsten Sinema Rules!

Democrats Successfully Kick Big Rusty Can Slightly Down Road

They're Absolutely Not Trying To Find The People Who Did This

This Is All Exactly What It Looks Like

So, What's Up With Occupy Democrats?

These Are Some Questions I Have About Donald Trump's Fixation With Show Tunes

It's Time For Progressives to Keep Their Promises

Everything You Need to Know About America's Big Money Mess

The American healthcare system damages your *thinking* not just the public health

Bird of the Week: Green-Barred Woodpecker

Have You Ever Considered That This Might Be Who We Are

We Don't Need Another Death Cult

I Watched Hours of Old Videos From My Teens and Survived

The Stupidest, Stupidest, Stupidest, Stupidest, Stupidest Possible System

How Kind of Space Force to Remind Us That It Exists and Is Stupid

'The Card Counter' and the Sins of a Nation

American Horror Story

Bird of the Week: Toucan Barbet

We Don't Talk Enough About: Lox Spread

Starbucks Is Waging a Ridiculous, Sinister Union-Busting Campaign

Rep. Pramila Jayapal's Staffers Aren't Alone

Please Enjoy This Wild Nextdoor Letter About Yelling and Pickleball

The AOC Dress Freakout Isn't Really About AOC

An In-Depth Interview With My Son About Today's World

Bird of the Week: Steller's Sea Eagle

The 13 Most Embarrassing Songs About Hating Donald Trump

The Guardian's Censoring of Judith Butler Part of a Pattern, Current and Former Staffers Say

Meet the World's Newest Socialist Heroes

Qatari Government Gets Nice Press Hit in the New York Times

The Discourse Blog Reader Survey: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Do Something About It

America’s Top Nazi Is a Broke Little Booger Who Can’t Get a Table

Bad and Dumb Country

Bird of the Week: Shoebill

Misunderstanding the Taliban

For the Last Time: We Didn't Lose SCOTUS Because of the Left

Is Labor Finally Going to Stop Giving Democrats a Free Ride?

A Reminder to Democrats: You Are In Power Right Now

My Mad Max Apocalypse Plan is to Drive a Zamboni

The Union Wave Hitting America's Biggest Newspaper Chain

This Is What Propaganda Looks Like

Having Our Dead Bodies Sold Back to Us

Bird of the Week: Spotted Eagle-Owl

If Only There Was Something To Be Done About This

Pandemic Life: I Guess We're at the Crossword Puzzle Phase

Afghanistan is Bringing Out the Vultures

The Government Is Done With COVID

Let's Revisit Andrew Cuomo's Unbearable Emmys Highlight Reel

What the Hell Is This?

The Endless Death Brigade Is Not Coping Well

Bird of the Week: Bumblebee Hummingbird

The Myth Of Cops Overdosing From Touching Fentanyl Persists For A Reason

Behold, Mark Zuckerberg's Latest Effort to Make the World Worse

The Media Is In a World of Its Own on Afghanistan

A Boss is Still a Boss

'How Could They Not Hate You Forever?'

Murderer Says He Feels 'Deep Sadness' Watching Victim's Funeral

My New Favorite Thing is Conservative Weirdos Blaming Afghanistan on Wokeness

The Lies the Pundits Keep Telling Us About Afghanistan

In 'The White Lotus,' Goliath Wins

Bird of the Week: Great Bittern

Is Madison Cawthorn Incredibly Dumb? A Discourse Blog Investigation

The New York Times Won't Stop Gaslighting Its Unionizing Workers

State Flags, Ranked

Hundreds of NYT Tech Workers Just Walked Off the Job

Hahahahahaha Well This Sucks

Are These People Stupid or Evil?

Andrew Cuomo Was a Disgrace to the Very End

How COVID Is Showing Us Our Terrible Climate Future

Bird of the Week: Antarctic Shag

We Don’t Talk Enough About: Geena Davis’ Shot Glass Trick In 'The Long Kiss Goodnight'

No More Fat Suits

Billionaire Now Regrets Hanging Around With Billionaire Pedophile

How Much Money Would Make Accidentally Pushing Your Hands Through a Glass Door Worth It, and Other Questions

The Establishment Is the Establishment for a Reason

You Cannot Argue With Cori Bush's Results

Both Cuomos Get Out

Living in a Red State of Deja Vu

The Hottest New Trend Is Famous Matts Using Homophobic Slurs

Democrats Are All Trying to Find the Guy Who Betrayed Millions of Renters

Bird of the Week: Indian Roller

Objectivity Is A Workplace Hazard

What Is Happening With Keir Starmer's Face

Guess That Whole 'Actually Helping Poor People' Thing Is Over Now

Let's Reflect on Some Iconic Cinematic Hair Changes That Show the Passage of Time

Hating Simone Biles Is a You Problem

Osita Nwanevu on the Myth of Democracy and Billionaires In Space

Please Don't Make Me Choose Between J.D. Vance and the ADL

'American Exceptionalism' for the 21st Century

What Are We Really Doing Here?

The Worst Politicians In Arizona

Bird of the Week: Willie Wagtail

Just Another Reason to Abolish ICE and CBP

There Is Zero Excuse for Not Ending the Death Penalty

Why Doesn't Anyone Care If I Am Alive?

Cancel Medical Debt

The Anti-Trans Rights Movement Is More Violent and Emboldened Than Ever

Poland Takes Olympic Gold in Fucking Up

The Worst Takes on Billionaires in Space

Let's Be Honest: Bezos' Little Space Jump Doesn't Count

Yes, Israel Is Really At War With Ice Cream

How Not to Interview an Evil Gazillionaire

Bird of the Week: Turkey Vulture

Listen to MSNBC Bosses Smoothly Trying to Bust Their Staffers' Union

8 Questions With Chapo Trap House’s Felix Biederman

No Heroes: The Olympics

TikTok Won't Stop Pushing Their Influencer Sponcon on Me

Which Is Funnier: Trump Getting COVID or Bolsonaro Getting Hiccups?

The Emmys Are a Scam and I Am Upset

What Does Minnesota Have to Do to Get People to Stop Creating Freakishly Large Invasive Goldfish

I Musk Insist You Shut the Fuck Up

The U.S. Doesn't Actually Care About the Cuban People

The U.S. Establishment Needs a Better Answer Than Intervention

Bird of the Week: Yellow-Billed Stork

The Definitive Guide to Whether You Should Watch These Things I Just Watched

Cancel the Tokyo Olympics

The Trump Grift Never Stops

How to Fix Our Rotten Food System

The Democrats' Embarrassing Voter ID Cave

UNC Played Itself

America Will Defend Its Myths to the Death Before Admitting the Truth

Bird of the Week: Brazilian Tanager

An Ode to Meghan McCain's Absolutely Batshit Hairstyles on 'The View'

Cookout Sides, Ranked

A History of 'Americanitis,' the Nervous Condition That Comes With Living in America

Man Whose Face Looks Like This Seeks Senate Seat

Meg-GONE McCain!!!!!!

Pack the Court or Face the Consequences

Henry Kissinger Is Right There, But We'll Take It: Donald Rumsfeld Edition

NATO Has Outlived Its Usefulness

The Worst Politicians In North Carolina

Our Broken Political Class Is Dooming Us All to Hell

Paul Gosar is a Nazi, But He's Also Very Stupid

Gwen Berry is Right

Consider This Chris Cuomo Tweet

Hope the New York Times Is Happy Now

These Are Your Birds of the Week

Weed Should Be Legal, But Also Banned

A BOMBSHELL Interview With HOTSHOT Debut Novelist Kelsey McKinney

We Got So Close...

#FreeBritney is Bigger Than Britney Herself

Nobody Thinks Twitter Is Real Life

Kyrsten Sinema's Vibepartisanship

Mike Pompeo is Selling Valor

Here’s a Last-Minute Reminder that Eric Adams Is a Total Freak

How the Mainstream Media Lags Behind on Asian American Stories

The NYC Mayor's Race Is an Election Straight From Hell

Leaked Memo Shows No Evil Foods Justifying Laying Off Workers With No Severance

How Not to Do Unemployment Journalism 101

The House Takes a Gigantic, Meaningless Step To End Forever War

The Texas Government Is Letting Us All Burn

Please Save the 'View' Ladies From Meghan McCain

State Birds, Ranked

The COVID Housing Crisis Is Crushing the Service Industry

Fighting Off Climate Doomerism With Kate Aronoff

The Worst Politicians In Ohio

Nothing Is Stupider Than This

Congrats to Marjorie Taylor Greene for Somehow Fucking Up a Holocaust Apology

BuzzFeed’s ‘Community’ Scam Is a Nightmare Come True

The Insanity of the Twist In This Pride Video Cannot Be Overstated

What Part of This Do Democrats Not Understand

All the Random YouTube Videos I Watched This Spring

Seriously, Just Keep Giving Us the Money, Again and Always!!!

Nothing Can Prepare You for the Horrors of the Smith College Library Rap Video

The NYC Mayor's Race Has Way Bigger Problems Than Where Eric Adams Lives

Kamala Harris' Empty Words

The Democrats' Bigoted Smear Campaign Against Ilhan Omar

It's Good to Know Where Your Boss Lives

The Fight Against the Corrupt Rideshare 'Union' Bills Is Just Getting Started

The Super-Rich Are Robbing Us Blind

Emmanuel Macron Getting Slapped Is the Feel-Good Hit of the Summer

Introducing the Discontents Discord!

'What Will People Do When Palestine Isn't Trending Anymore?'

This Is What Policing Is All About

We Have Found the Worst Blog Job in America

The New York Times Can’t Stop Giving Us Weird, Cruel Advice About Our Friends

Here's a Democratic Congressman Being a Complete Monster About Vaccines

What's the Most Evil Corporation Going Rainbow For Pride?

The Worst Politicians In Georgia

Watch This Kyrsten Sinema Video And Try Not to Have a Rage Stroke

Naomi Osaka Doesn't Have to Talk to the Press

What's Really Behind the GOP's War on Critical Race Theory

Sky Pool Is Everything Wrong With the World

Would You Punch the Bear?

They Ruined The Damn Condiment Island


Joe Manchin Is the GOP's Little Lapdog

The Grassroots Movement to Unionize A New Orleans Charter School

How DARE Bernie Sanders Ask for an Extra Blanket

Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Walter Kissinger Edition

Oh Cool Amazon Invented Hell

So You've Accidentally Found Yourself at a Massive TikTok Party

Five Ways Not to Analyze War

Scrambled Eggs Suck

Uh, No, January 6 Was Not Worse Than 9/11

A Year After George Floyd's Murder, Democrats Are Selling Out to the Cops

Marjorie Taylor Greene Keeps Fucking Up the GOP's Grandstanding on Antisemitism

As the protagonist of reality you don't expect that you're ever going to die

Talia Lavin on Fighting Nazis and Collecting Swords

This Isn't Going to Cut It Bernie

The Endless, Thankless Task of Making My Cats Lose Weight

The AP's Shameful Firing of Emily Wilder

Please, Fuck Off: Chris Cuomo

State Mottos, Ranked

"The Last Time I Felt 'Young' Was When I Was Eight Years Old": Living Through War in Gaza

The Least We Deserve is a Firing Squad

AIPAC's Not Even Trying to Hide It Anymore

The Worst Politicians In Florida

Why This McDonald's Worker Is Going Out on Strike Today

A Deep Dive Into Israel's Fully Cursed Twitter Account

Donald Trump Jr.'s Pivot to Video Is Going Great!!!

Palestinian Lives Don't Matter to Joe Biden

How COVID Affected the Disability Rights Movement

Here Are the NYT CEO’s Latest Excuses for Union Busting

Essential Workers Are Over This Shit

Ellen, Boss of ‘Ellen,’ Concludes That Ellen Is a Great Boss of ‘Ellen’

Bari Weiss Mask Off

Meet the Leftist Trying to Unseat a Conservative Southern Democratic Congressman

The Fraudulent Martyrdom of Liz Cheney

The White House's Israel Response Could Hardly Be More Pathetic

Let Us Consider the Possibility that Vanessa Trump Slept With a Secret Service Agent

We're Experiencing Issues With Our Paywall!

Let's Meet Some of Andrew Yang's Cool New Friends!

Biden's Ready to Make Surviving In America Harder Again

Delia Cai on Substack, Sidechannel, and the Media Revolution

For the Love of God Stop Calling It 'Clashes'

How Cori Bush Exposed the Endless Cruelty of Transphobes

Welcome to the Summer of Sick

The Bosses are Getting Absolutely Psychotic

(Banging Head Violently Against the Wall) Dianne Feinstein...WHY!!

What's Mark Warner's Deal?

Pour One Out for Bill Gates and Pfizer

Pandemic Life: My Husband Is Still Really Into Miniatures

The Worst Politicians In New Jersey

[Sickos Watching Republicans Destroying Each Other] ‘Yes… Ha Ha Ha… YES!’

Nobody Needs to Hear From Nate Silver on This

'I Desperately Wish That We Could Move Beyond Words'

The CIA's Woke Video Is the Definition of Evil

Shocker: Hillary Clinton Wants a Pointless War to Continue

Pray for the Bidens' New Cat

Journey Into Hell With These TikTok Table Food Videos

Please, Fuck Off: J.D. Vance

Big Day For Ducks

Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands

Clubhouse Is Loud, Incoherent, and Packed With Suckers

It's Wild You Can Still Just Buy an Ambassadorship

We're Having a Sale on Monthly Subscriptions!

'Mortal Kombat' Should Have Had More Gore

Tell Me About the Good Dogs You Know

Send Tony Blair's Hair to the Hague

Fuck It Mask Off

Stop Asking James Carville Things

St. Vincent Thought She Could Treat Prisons Like a Game

Does CNN Care That One of Its Pundits Is Pro-Genocide

Talking 'Blowback' Season 2 With Brendan James and Noah Kulwin

The Oscars Were Pretty Sad

Lance Bass Has Turned Me to Dust

Why Republicans Are Working So Hard to Elect This Democrat to Congress

The Trouble Nextdoor

Sure Looks Like It's Union Busting Season

No, Seriously, Stephen Breyer Needs to Retire

The Worst Politicians In Wisconsin

The GOP Wants to Make Sure No Cop Is Ever Held Accountable Again

The Obscenity of Nancy Pelosi's George Floyd Comments

The Hollow Relief of the Derek Chauvin Verdict

Can Our Cable News Idiots Maybe Stop Talking Forever

Nancy Pelosi How Fucking Dare You

The System Is Still Broken

The GOP’s Maxine Waters Freakout Is So Stupid

John Bolton Played Himself

Weed Sucks Now

I Am Begging You to Stop Being Nice to George W. Bush on Television

Andrew Sullivan Is Doing Jew Shit Again

Talking Biden, War, and the Blob With Derek Davison

Cool, We're Getting a Fascist Freak Caucus

Meet the RNC-Linked Law Firm Behind Duke’s Anti-Union Crusade

Cop News Network

A Supremely Fucked Up Policy From Joe Biden

If This Is What Fighting Asian Hate Means, I Don't Want It

God Bless the ‘Soup for My Family’ Protester

Let Me Help CNN Out Here: We Lost the War in Afghanistan

It's Been a Big Day for Men Posting Their Ls

Here's a Delightful Video of Andrew Yang Being Shamed Out of a Daunte Wright Protest

Soul Music

John Boehner Is Openly Scamming Everyone

You Can't Reform This

The Enraging Police Defense of Daunte Wright's Killing

Talking to Comedian and Tax Justice Activist Maura Quint

Bessemer Was Not the Beginning or the End


Biden's Gun Policy Is Only Half Cocked

Goodbye to This Very Old Racist Man

I'm Begging You, Let's Come to a Consensus on the Thumbs Up Emoji

Insider Really Isn't Sending Its Best

The Worst Politicians In Texas

Duke University Press Workers Are Unionizing—And Gearing Up for a Fight

Time to Talk Terror Toons

Kyrsten Sinema's New Filibuster Defense Is Pathetic Even for Her

Editor of Famously Racist Magazine Has Some Thoughts on Racism

Let Us All Stare Into the Endless Void That Is 'Gutfeld!'

One of Twitter's Worst People Has a George Floyd Take

Talking to Will Menaker About the Left, Our COVID Future, and 'Friday Night Lights'

What the Hell Did I Just Watch

This Week In 'What Now': Josh Gondelman, Idiots, and BEES

There Is Power Hitting in a Union

This Matt Gaetz Guy Seems Like a Real Piece of Trash

The New Republic Makes an Uneasy Peace With Staff Over D.C. Move

This Is Beneath You Paddington

We've Been Sleeping on Naomi Wolf's COVID Insanity

What If We Didn’t Do the Henry Kissinger Thing Every Time?

The Biden Dogs are Bad Boys

The Matt Gaetz-Tucker Carlson Video Will Turn Your Brain to Mush

Office Hours: Open Swim

Here Are Some Things I've Learned About Giraffes

Lil Nas X Is Playing Christian Nutjobs Like a Fiddle

Derek Chauvin's Odious Lawyer Has Some Goddamn Nerve

Talking With Comedian and Iconic Sweetie Josh Gondelman

The Bears and Me

This Week In 'What Now': Kelsey McKinney, Restaurant Dreams, and More


There Is No Bipartisan Compromise on Voting Rights

The Bitter Struggle to Form America's Biggest Coffee Shop Union

Old Things Are Old! That Includes You!

Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Jessica Walter Edition

I Love Boat

Uhhhh, Is Amazon OK

Biden's Massive Ego Might Convince Him to Accidentally Be a Good President

There Is No Reason to Hand Stephen Miller a Microphone

What Are the Best Weird Animal Facts?

I Keep Finding Dogs

This Is What a Return to Normal Looks Like


Blood-Soaked Freak Bill Kristol Is at It Again

The Year In Discourse Blog: Media

Defector's Kelsey McKinney on Her New Novel and the Endless Wonders of Taylor Swift

We’re Looking For the Worst Politicians In Every State

The Year In Discourse Blog: Nonsense

The Utter Madness of Biden's Weed Crackdown

Man, What The Hell? That's the Ballgame Edition

The ‘Teen Vogue’ Mess Is What Happens When Bosses Don’t Listen

The Year In Discourse Blog: Interviews

What's Michael Barbaro's Deal

The Discourse Blog Reader Survey: What Are the New Rules of the Pandemic?

Abolish England

The Year In Discourse Blog: Culture

What a Perfect Day to Remember That Cops Are Trash

Stumbling Through the Tunnel

Ending Anti-Asian Violence Is Everyone's Job

Where Do We Go From Here?

The Year In Discourse Blog: Features and Essays

It's Absurd that 'Voting Rights Advocates' Need to Exist

You Will Never Convince Me That There Is an Alive Man in This Car

Mitch McConnell Thinks You're Stupid

The Year In Discourse Blog: Politics

A Very Wide-Ranging Chat With Jamelle Bouie

Marco Rubio Is Giving Capital a Way Out

What It Takes

This Week In 'What Now': BORDER/LINES, 'Drag Race,' and More!

People Are Out of Their Goddamned Minds and It's Bumming Me Out

Worst Person You Know Won't Leave Party

The Panicked Desperation of Fox News Is a Joy to Behold

What Was Your Last Moment in the Before Times?

We're Finally Getting the Money

How Is It a Year Already

Maybe Bari Weiss Can Dial It Down a Little

Put Your Name on the Checks Joe

Nothing In Recorded History Will Ever Top These 16 Seconds of 'The View'

Please, Fuck Off: BuzzFeed Sociopath Jonah Peretti

Who Did The Dog Bite?

The Revolution Will Not Be Advertised

Brains Bad

I Can't Get Enough of These Brits Losing It Over America's Insane Drug Ads

Comrade Meghan

Joe Biden's Expulsion Machine

This Week In 'What Now': Luke O'Neil, Pandemic Mascots, and Much More

Here Are Eight Democratic Senators Who Can Go to Hell

Impeach Andrew Cuomo

'Music' Repeats Some of Hollywood's Biggest Sins

Here's a 'Fun' Anecdote About Our Healthcare System

My Governor Is Trying to Kill Me

The Democrats are Addicted to Fucking This Up


The Rise and Fall of Grand Slam USA

So Neera, So Far

What Are the Most Overrated Movie and TV Lines?

Banish Unpaid Internships Straight to Hell

Oh, NOW Chris Cuomo Can’t Cover His Brother?

Democrats Don't Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

Talking to Luke O'Neil About Lockdown In Hell World

This Week In 'What Now': Eli Valley, Biden vs. Godzilla, Sheep, Baldness, and Much More

Why Is Ted Cruz Screaming At Me

America: Where It's Much Easier to Kill People Than Help Them

Why Won't Joe Biden Touch the Biggest Union Drive in America?

The Dumbest Fake Controversy of the Day Involves Mr. Potato Head

How Much Should the Tooth Fairy Give Kids These Days?

TONIGHT: 'Cancel Culture: The Stream' With Rajat Suresh and Jeremy Levick

Surely Democrats Can't Be This Stupid

This is the Same Old Bad Immigration System

Office Hours: The Chosen Feud

Don’t Believe CPAC’s Bullshit for One Second

'Black Women Are, Always Have Been, and Will Continue To Be the Leaders'

It's Good to Know What You Can Get Away With in Washington

Meghan McCain Was Beyond Parody Today

SNL's Israel Joke Was Good, Actually

Talking With Eli Valley About Art in the Hell Times

This Week In 'What Now': Brandy Jensen, COVID Shaming, and Skateboarding Cats

Andrew Cuomo Thinks We're a Bunch of Idiots

Accountability Isn't Real

Nobody Is Dumber Than the Conservatives Defending Ted Cruz

There Is No Hell Hot Enough for Ted Cruz

The GOP Purge Is Nearly Complete

Rush Limbaugh's Greatest Act Was Dying Early

The Best Reactions to Rush Limbaugh's Death

Joe Biden Had a Horrendous Answer on Canceling Student Debt

Don't Be Mad at Teachers for Not Wanting to Die

Watch Discourse Blog's Sam Grasso on 'The Mehdi Hasan Show'

Office Hours: Dirty Launder-y

Texas Is a Failed State

The Nauseating Spectacle of Kellyanne Conway on 'American Idol'

Today In 'What Now': Talking Shit With Brandy Jensen

Democrats Gonna Democrat

This Week In 'What Now': Kim Kelly, Cats, Cops, Cannibalism, And More

I Got Vaccinated LMAO

Pandemic Life: I Got Very Into Tennis

The White House Press Corps Humiliates Itself Once Again

It's Time for the #Resistance Grifters To Go Away

The CIA Shouldn't Be Allowed on Instagram

Neera Tanden Was Finally Made to Answer for Her Crime of Bad Tweets

Hey Let's Bring Back That Abolish ICE Thing

Office Hours: Don't Mask, Don't Tell

Imagine Thinking Republicans Care About Any of This

Impeachment Is Not Enough

Democrats Seem Extremely Determined to Botch the Stimulus Checks

Talking to Kim Kelly About the Most Electrifying Union Drive in America

This Week In 'What Now': Hamilton Nolan, Butter Battles, and the World's Luckiest Coma

Marjorie Taylor Greene Isn't Going Away

Just One Brief Example of American Cruelty

Discourses With: Lux Magazine's Cora Currier on Socialist Feminism

The Shameless Greed of Kroger, Our New Capitalist Supervillain

Good Lord Just Give People Money What Is Wrong With You

This Story of Billionaires Living in the Skyscraper From Hell Is a Pure Delight

Jeff Bezos, Enemy of the People

Office Hours: Open Swim

I’m Getting Vaccinated Because of Fatphobia

Horrible News: Dolly Parton Is Now Endorsing the Joys of Endless Labor

Our White Supremacist Vaccine Rollout

Today In 'What Now': Hamilton Nolan Is Back

This Week In 'What Now'

Good to Know We're Still Choosing Death

All the Worst Assholes Are Here for the GameStop Debacle

Welcome to Capitalism

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the Future That Republicans Want

The House Always Wins

Someone Make Joe Biden Say 'GameStop'

The Do Nothing Caucus

Office Hours: Looking Forewarned

A Warm Farewell to a Coward

The Ridiculousness of the Latest New York Times Scandal

Today In 'What Now': Bitch Media's Evette Dionne on Journalism's Crisis

This Week In 'What Now'

It Is With a Heavy Heart That I Announce the Death of the Bernie Meme

A 'Return to Normalcy' Should Scare You

The GOP Will Never Love Joe Biden Back

Why Hasn't Stephen Breyer Retired Yet???

I'm Not Ready to Move On Yet

The Show Must Go On

Make America Cringe Again

Return Fighting

We Have No Choice But to Stan Bernie's Look

Watch Our Inauguration Night Livestream!!!

Office Hours: The Long and Whining Road

Big Baby Has No Friends

Here's a Perfect Item for the End of the Trump Presidency

The U.S. Government Is Still Out Here Trying to Do MLK Tweets

Today in What Now: Talking to David Roth About the End of Trump

This Week In 'What Now'

Just Give People the $2000 Check You Repeatedly Promised Them Please!!!

Please, Fuck Off: Ben Shapiro and Politico

Look at This Idiot

OK, This Part is Very Funny

The Threat Is Coming From Inside the House

The Right Never Gave a Shit About the Cops

Impeach Trump and Then Keep Going

Office Hours: Petty and the Heartbreakers

Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

We Finally Discovered What It Will Take for Corporations to Stop Giving Republicans Money

Judge Jeanine Pirro Guilty of Being a Raging Moron About Nazis

The System Will Not Save Us

New Year, New Tiers

RIP to the World’s Greatest Poster of All Time, @RealDonaldTrump

Man, What The Hell? Flew The Coup Edition

These Fucking Fuckers

A Toast to the Sniveling Rats Jumping Off Trump's Sinking Ship

The Next Time Could Be Worse

For the Love of God Log Off

The Cops Showed Us Who They Are

Republicans Own This Forever

GOP Handles Capitol Siege Aftermath With Usual Awfulness

We're Not Better Than This

Remind Me Again Why You Wanted Trump to Say Something

This Is How America Works

You Really, Really Don't Need to Talk About Stacey Abrams Like This

No More Excuses

Meghan McCain Is Getting Owned by Her Cohosts Again, All Is Well

Office Hours: We Have a Bingo!

Silicon Valley Dorks Are Freaking Out About the Google Union

In No World Did I Need to Know Mr. Bean's Thoughts on Cancel Culture

Please, Fuck Off: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

Mr. Trump, Sir, if Anyone Deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom, It’s Me

Our Democracy Was Already Broken

Rich People Who Can Fuck Off in 2021