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Office Hours: Audition Edition

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The Journey Continues

Let's Revive the Christmas Ghost Story

The Secret Socialist History of America's Favorite Anthems


The Holidays Are All About Mutual Aid

A Medicare for All Vote Isn't Worth the Risk

No, New York Times, This Deal Is Not Good Enough

There's Nowhere to Go but Up

Man, What The Hell? Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots! Edition

It's OK to Call Bad People Mean Words

Great News: Maskless NYPD Cops Could Get the Vaccine Super Early

The Pathetic Stimulus Won't Be Enough to Help My Mom

Biden’s Cabinet Is a Rewards Program For His Friends

Every Good Wedding Has a Little Human Sacrifice

A List of Jobs Rahm Emanuel Has Been Bad At

Office Hours: Ho Ho Holy Crap

Maybe We Can Stop Doing the Prison Rape Jokes Now

Joe Biden Wasted No Time Betraying Immigration Activists

The Vaccine Is Not Enough

Let's Laugh at Stephen Miller One Last Time

Man, What The Hell?: Oh, Hanukkah? Edition

Who's More Famous: The Rock or Ellen?

No, We Couldn't

Presenting: the Nominees for Discourse Blog's Person of the Year

There's No Such Thing as a 'COVID Housing Crisis'

Biden Is Already Telling People to Shut Up About the Cops

Discourses With: An Organizer of Columbia's Insurgent Tuition Strike

Instagram's Millennial Lifestyle Ads Are Haunting Me

Joe Biden Is Playing a Grimy Game With His Cabinet

Office Hours: Rush...less?

Finally, a White House That Will Listen to the CEOs

Someone Come Get the Rich People

Please, Fuck Off: NBC Hack Ken Dilanian

Operation Santa: Pandemic Edition Is as Depressing as It Sounds

Man, What the Hell? Sock It to Me Edition

WTF Is Nancy Pelosi Talking About

Democrats Just Took Two Steps Backward on Foreign Affairs

The Left is Getting Rolled in the Biden Transition

I Hate the Heckin' Pupperino Presidency

Reaping What You Sow Kind of Sucks, Huh?

A Thing I Would Really Hate Is if Trump Defunded the Military

Why Obama's 'Defund the Police' Criticism Misses the Point

How is It December Already

Office Hours: Neera Far

Just Another Day at the Office

The 'Hire More Women Guards' Presidency is Here

What in God's Name

Abolish the Lame Duck Period

The ‘Great British Bake Off’ Finale Was an Extremely 2020 Kind of Ride

Thanksgiving Sucks in a Whole New Way This Year

Mercy is Only For the Turkeys

Shocker: TV's Quest to Purge Blackface Was Less Than Genuine

Welcome Back, America!

Office Hours: The Audacity of Cope

What Is Jake Tapper's Deal?

It's Going to be a Very Long Four Years

Introducing the Discourse Blog Stay Home Giving Drive

Man, What The Hell? Mag-Neato Edition

The Myth of Donald Trump's Push for Peace

I’m Obsessed With Dave, the ‘Great British Bake Off’ Guy Who Freaking Loves California

No Seriously, Fuck You, Andrew Cuomo

Let's All Enjoy Rudy Giuliani Decomposing on Live TV

Sure Feels Like Someone in Congress Is Going to Die From COVID

Don’t Give Rahm Emanuel a Job Ever Again

Joe Biden's Student Loan Plan Is a Very Bad Sign

Office Hours: Thankstaking

I Wish Harry Styles in a Dress Was the Threat These Nutjobs Think It Is

‘Personal Responsibility’ Won't Save Us From a Pandemic

Madison Cawthorn Is a Raging Anti-Semite and Also Very Stupid

What If Politicians Actually Tried Solving Problems

Please, Fuck Off: This Congressional Dinner

Man, What the Hell? I Coup Coup Choose You Edition

Here's a Good Look at the Future of Congress

I Can't Wait to Have Pandemic Fun at America's Biggest Indoor Waterpark

Here's Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Being a Complete Psycho

I Must Regretfully Reiterate: JUST GIVE US THE FUCKING MONEY

Look! Big Gator!!!

No Heroes: Girl Scouts

The Hyperloop's Only Destination is a Capitalist Hellscape

If This Was Happening In Another Country We'd Be Sending In the Troops

Jim Clyburn Should Stop Telling Democrats What Works From His Safe Liberal Seat

Everything You Need to Know About the Internet Mess That Has Left Me For Dead

The Coup is a Crisis Even If It Doesn't Work

Office Hours: Mountains and Molehills

Here's Some Extremely Dumb Posts About Ending COVID-19

Congrats to Everyone in the Trump Administration Who Will Face No Consequences for Their Crimes

Joe Biden Got Exactly What He Wanted

This Is Not the End

Discourses With: A Florida Democrat on Why Florida Democrats Keep Losing

This Is So Much Fun


Man, What the Hell? What the HELL???? Edition

Am I the Only One Losing My Entire Mind Right Now

Our Joy Will be Short-Lived

The Democrats Are Already Back on Their Bullshit

Look at This Absolute Loser

Just Some Things I'm Laughing At Today

Nobody Needs to Hear From Claire McCaskill About Anything

It Wasn't All Bad: Here Are Some Highlights From Our Election Night Stream

The GOP Tried a Weak-Ass Coup in Detroit and Failed Miserably

No More Chuck and Nancy

Fuck This Fucking Country

Congrats to the Gap for Winning the ‘Terrible Election Responses’ Race

Office Hours: Vibe Check

The Election Made Me Get a Cat

The End of the Beginning

Truly, Thank You For This Joe Biden

To All the Campaigns I've Ghosted Before

How Is It November Already


Man, What The Hell? Decisions Decisions Edition

What We're Reading This Week

Finding My Grandparents' Graves Online

The Normie Conquest

Cops Do a Big Lie About Philly Protests, Immediately Get Caught

Stephen Miller Is, Unfortunately, Healthy and Evil Again

Leave the Moon Alone

Congrats to This Piece of Shit

I Cannot Stop Thinking About the NYT Fridge Blog

Get Through Election Night With Us

Please, Fuck Off: 2020 Adult Halloween

Office Hours: Treat Yourself

The Lincoln Project’s Fascism is Just More Well-Dressed

Let's Blow It All Up

The New York Times' Ridiculous Lament for the GOP

Shut Everything Down Again

Man, What the Hell? Pitter Patter, Let's Get At'er Edition

Get Him Out of Here Please

Hell Is a Bipartisan Commission

'Scooby Don' Impressionist James Austin Johnson on How to Impersonate Our Dying Wet President

Pandemic Life: We Are All Skeletons Now

Will People Still Care When it's No Longer Trump Doing It?

Let's Take a Moment to Think of Rudy Giuliani Getting Caught With His Hands in His Pants in the New Borat Movie (UPDATED)

Sure Seems Like the President Is Having a Bad Comedown

Office Hours: Boob Toob

Jeffrey Toobin Doesn't Need a Defense

'You Need to Be Alarmed'

Just Give Us the Money Jesus Christ

Pour One Out for the CIA

Man, What The Hell? I'm Tired Edition

Oatmeal Is Tearing Us Apart

How to Destroy the Supreme Court

You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me

You've Been Watching Army Propaganda This Entire Time

We've Moved

Journalists Should Hate What They Cover

Office Hours

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Fuck Columbus Forever

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The Fight Is Never Over

Mike Pence Has No Base

What the Debates Will Make You Forget

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A Note of Mirth Entirely Unrelated to Any Recent News

Office Hours

What 'The Social Dilemma' Gets Wrong

What a Time to Be Alive!!!

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Why Should Anyone Trust Them?

You Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Gotta Hand It to Him

Man, What the Hell? Everything's FINE Edition

You Have to Understand We're All in This Together


Ain't That America

Here Are Some of Your IRS Horror Stories

They Give Us Crumbs so We Don't Ask for More

What Did You Expect?

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If Trump's Taxes Make You Mad Let Me Introduce You to American Capitalism

Man, What The Hell? Good Grief Edition

I Would Simply Smack the Tiny Spy Drone

Watch the Presidential Debate With Us

What Are People Supposed to Do?

RBG and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Begin Again

Florida Is Ahead of the Fascist Curve

Office Hours

The GOP Could Have Everything It Ever Wanted

Power Is All That Matters

After Ginsburg

Man, What the Hell? What a Year This Week has Been Edition

I Am This Close to Losing It over 'Ocean Galaxy Lights'

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

The Democrats Are Paralyzed by Fear

The Progressive Wave Isn't Stopping

As American As Apple Pie

Office Hours

The Most Important Senate Primary of 2020 Is Happening Today

This Is Just How Things Are Now

A Very Detailed Blog About the Politics Of Fall Out Boy

Man, What The Hell? Time After Time Edition

What Is Paul Krugman Talking About???

Please, Fuck Off: Donald Trump and Bob Woodward

A Visit to the California Town Founded by Black Americans

I Guess It Was Just Our Turn to Burn

Let Me Tell You About My Heart

Office Hours

Look Up

How to Do Labor Journalism 101

Man, What the Hell? Crusty the Clown Edition

Pandemic Life: I Started Cross Stitching and I Can't Stop

They Really Think We're All Idiots

The Eviction Crisis Should Be Biden's Top Priority

Please, Fuck Off: Andrew Sullivan

Joe Kennedy Lost in Eastham, and Walpole, and Newton, and Boston, and Littleton, and

Office Hours

The Last Four Years

What 'Law and Order' Really Means

Man, What The Hell? Weak Week Edition

The Militias Are Part of the Plan

Why They're Not Calling It a Strike

Black Lives Matter on the Picket Line

The Left Deserves Better Than Aaron Coleman

The Berniefication of Ed Markey

Office Hours

Were We Ever so Young and Stupid?

Corporate Dems Want You To Shut Up While They Get Loud (Exclusive)

The Decency Trap

Man, What The Hell? Bread and Circus Edition

Let the Golf Carts Fight

Steve Bannon Was Never a Genius

DNC Night 3: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Can Anyone Tell Me What 'Vote' Means

A Definitive Ranking of How Much Each State's DNC Roll Call Felt Like a David Lynch Movie

Office Hours

I'm Tired of This Already

DNC Night 1: Good Cop Good Cop

The System Is Back

Man, What The Hell? Heart-y Har Har Edition

Accountability Can't Wait

My Long, Maddening Search for a Joe Biden Bumper Sticker

I Know What I Googled This Summer

The Winner is SNL, the Loser is All of Us

The Tyranny of Florida Democrats Must End

Office Hours

The Post Office Is For Everybody

I Can't Stop Thinking About the Bat That Did This

Man, What The Hell? The Time Is Now Edition

Battle of the Extremely Bad Brains

This Brie Larson Car Commercial Is the Only Thing That's Real to Me Anymore

Discourses With: Two Chicago Tenants' Rights Organizers

The Squad Is Only Getting Stronger

What Happens If Biden Wins?

Office Hours

The Worst Is Yet to Come

How Is It August Already

Man, What The Hell? Who Nose? Edition

Please, Fuck Off: Nick Kristof

Caught in the Ripple

Pandemic Life: Unsolved Mysteries

Discourses With: A Democrat Running for Office in Rural Alaska

Send Us Your Stories of Police Violence at Protests

Office Hours

Cancel Sports

Have We Reached Peak 'Never Tweet'?

Man, What The Hell? Friends and Foes Edition

Seriously, Just Give Us the Goddamn Money

Please, Fuck Off: Edward Blum

The Comfort of Fantasy

Turned Away

Office Hours

Lambs to the Slaughter

The Feds Aren't That Good at Keeping Their Cops a Secret

Man, What The Hell? Hate To Say I Told You So Edition

Pandemic Life: My Husband Got Really Into Miniatures

Please, Fuck Off: VC Startup Guys

Allyship Unhinged

Business As Usual

A Good Idea About Straws

Office Hours

Turns Out You Couldn't Keep It

What Neera Tanden Got Wrong

Saying Goodbye to My Therapy Fears

Man, What The Hell? Scream Inside Your Heart Edition

No Heroes: The Racist Legacy of John Muir and American Conservation

Please, Fuck Off: Journalism's Slush Fund Parasites

I Can’t Get Enough Statue Destruction Porn

Mindless TV Is the Answer You Seek

Ben Smith Doesn’t Want to Pick a Side

Office Hours

'Terrace House' Is Falling Down

When the Uprising Comes to Town

Taking the Leap

Man, What The Hell? Shame As It Ever Was Edition

Cancel the Fourth of July

Vote and Die

The Violence Economy

And Now, a Totally Sincere Embrace of Black Lives Matter

These People Are Sick

Paid Subscriptions Start July 6

Man, What The Hell? Happiness Is Hard to Find Edition

The Blood on New York's Hands

A Wild and Terrifying Story About My Cats

Let's Not Do This

The Left Crushed It Last Night

What the K-Pop Stan Stories Are Missing

It's Almost Like Cops Lie All the Time

Happy Juneteenth

Don't Trust John Roberts

Chuck Schumer Is a Clown

The GOP's COVID Trap

Discourses With: Two Texas Mutual Aid Organizers

What Movements Can Do

We'd Love to Hear From You

Man, What The Hell? It's Not Enough Edition

Choose Your Hill Wisely

All We Want Is a Space to Live

The Only Solution is to Burn it All Down

Labor Needs to Kick the Cops Out Now

The Start of Something

Don't Be Fooled

We're Winning

Man, What The Hell? The Bad Ol' Days Edition

Discourses With: Two Street Medics on the Front Lines

'What Do We Do Now?'

The Brands Are Fucking This Whole Thing Up

Rubber Bullets Don’t Fire Themselves

Which Side Are You On?

The Minneapolis I Never Knew

What Looting Really Is

Enough Is Enough

The New York Times Still Doesn’t Get It

Amy Cooper Isn't An Anomaly

I Don't Care About Donald Trump's Twitter Anymore

Man, What The Hell? Springtime for Hitler Comparisons Edition

Justice For Jackie Cox

Just Give People Money!

The Tragic Farce of Another Media 'Restructuring'

What Will It Take for Me to Leave?

We're All Bosses Now

The Democrats Haven't Earned Anyone's Trust

They Can't Even Fire Us Right

Man, What The Hell? Toxic Mask-ulinity Edition

To My Beloved Eyebrow Technician

We Are Many and the Reopen Chuds Are Few

I Don't Care About Your Coronavirus Vacation

Discourses: A New York Public Defender Working to #FreeThemAll

Don't Be a COVID Cop

Man, What The Hell? Mission Accomplished Edition

A Name You Shouldn't Forget

Who Gets to Be Free Right Now?

Build Your Own Machine

TikTok Is A Terrible Cooking App

The Worst New Trend Is the Celebrity Coronavirus Cameo

Give Me Ben Smith's Job

Our White Supremacist Pandemic

Man, What The Hell? Biden Bummer Edition

Elon Musk Made Me a Socialist

The Death Cult Gets Its Wish In Texas

The Moral Failure of the Tara Reade Coverage

Discourses: Fired Amazon Dissident Maren Costa on How to Organize at an Evil Company

Coronavirus Is No Match For America's Narcs

Things I Am Mad About Today

The Danger of the New York Times

The Everyday Corruption of the United States Congress

We're Never Going Back to 'Normal'

3 Easy Steps to Shed That 'COVID 15' Flab

How Not to Do Labor Journalism 101

Same As It Never Was

Just Take Rich People's Money

(Trying to) Do the Damn Thing

The Capitalist Machine Is Hungry and Terrified

Is Selling Hand Sanitizer Online Rock Bottom For Digital Media? Probably Not

They're Not Just Going to Hand It Over

I Miss My Kitchen Table

The Rats are Suffering Too

Socialists Don't Have to Endorse Joe Biden

Save the Post Office

An Interview with Dr. Joe Pizza About How He Is Not Trump Megadonor Joe Pizza

The Monstrousness of the Covid Truthers

Here Are the Crumbs

There Is No Time For Despair

Bernie Was a Beginning and an End

Joe Biden Is Not Even Trying

I Wish I Could Quarantine This Tom Friedman Column From My Brain

An Appeal to All the PR People Spamming Me with Coronavirus Pitches

Nate Silver...Stop

Pandas Fucking Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

RIP The Outline

Michael Barbaro's Classist Ignorance

Here Is a Real Thing Someone Tweeted About Mass Unemployment Today

Mother Nature Is Taking Back What Is Rightfully Hers

My Rent Is Still Due So Please Don't Praise Andrew Cuomo In My Presence

The Reality of Healthcare in America Should Make You Uncomfortable

Answer the Question

An Easy Weeknight Chicken

Facebook's Coronavirus Grift


What In The World Is Joe Biden Doing

The Death Cult Is Everywhere

'Spring Is Coming'

Trump Doesn’t Care If You Die

Empty The Jails

Best Coronavirus Celebrity Fails 2020 [4K]

Steve Mnuchin Go Fuck Yourself

First as Farce, Then As Tragedy

God Bless Abortion Clinics

You Need Better Leaders If You Want a Better Deal

Things That Currently Scare Me That Are Not The Coronavirus

Wow, Everyone Is Horny!!

Killing Yourself to Own the Libs

America Deserves a Rent Freeze and Also a Rent Refund For Dumbasses Like Me Who Already Paid For April

The Capitalist Death Cult Is Going Full Jonestown

Tom Nook Is a Capitalist Bastard

The Spirit of 9/15

The Pro-Death Brigade Has Logged On

Pretty Weird How The Guy You Want To Be President Disappeared During a National Crisis

Let's Keep Going