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Merry Christmas, Discourse Blog's Two Jews Argue About Satan's Furniture

The Things That Drove Us Crazy In 2023

The Best of Discourse Blog: 2023 Edition

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Substackers Against Nazis

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The Only Thing Those Ivy League Presidents Are Guilty of Is Being Chumps

The New York Times' Rules About Its Palestine Coverage Sure Are Interesting

Bird of the Week: Pittas

If You Read the Washington Post Today You Are a Scab

Greta Thunberg Rules

I'm Starting to Feel a Little Bad for Linda Yaccarino

Anyone Who Says the U.S. Is Trying to End the Slaughter In Gaza Is Lying to You

The Great Discourse Bake Off Podcast

The Henry Kissinger Obits are Ridiculous and Rage-Inducing

Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Henry Kissinger Edition

The Ghosts of Websites Past

I Wouldn't Mind if George Santos Stuck Around for a While Actually

Get Elon Musk the Fuck Out of Here

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Who Killed the Palestinians, Joe?

Bird of the Week: Painted Bunting

Oppo Research, S01 E04: Dianne Feinstein (w/Katherine Krueger)[FREE]

We Don't Work For You If We Don't Work For You

The U.S. Public Won't Put Up With This Forever

Everyone Is Fighting and No One Is Having Fun

Stop Calling This the 'Israel-Hamas War'

Bird of the Week: These Seagulls

Oppo Research, S01 E04: Dianne Feinstein (w/Katherine Krueger)[PAID]

Oppo Research, S01 E03: Pat McCrory (w/Paul Blest)[FREE]

Oppo Research, S01 E02: Gavin Newsom (w/Jack Crosbie) [FREE]

Media Is a Fuck, Part 2349863

Fire All the Editorial Cartoonists

Kinda Weird that the Speaker of the House Used Spyware to Peep his Kid's Porn Intake, Innit?

They're Scared of Us

Rashida Tlaib Is a Fucking Boss

Oppo Research, S01 E03: Pat McCrory (w/Paul Blest)[PAID]

Israel's Propaganda Machine Is Glitching

Welcome to the Big Fake Presidential Primary

A Spooky Thing I Like to Do Sometimes

Just Say Ceasefire, Bernie

Oppo Research, S01 E02: Gavin Newsom (w/Jack Crosbie) [PAID]

Joe Biden Reaches A New All-Time Low

GOP Finally Settles on Abject Lunatic for Speaker

Big Baby Has Bad Time on Phone

The John Fetterman Problem

Bird of the Week: Emperor Penguin

Oppo Research, S01 E01: Ron Desantis (w/Samantha Schuyler) [FREE]

This Is What You Should Absolutely Not Be Doing Right Now

This Has to Stop Now

Not Everything Needs a Blog

The Blood on Our Hands

The Rules of War

Oppo Research, S01 E01: Ron Desantis (w/Samantha Schuyler) [PAID]

Now More Than Ever, a Reminder That You Don't Need To Post

Despite Our Better Judgment We Started a Podcast

Kevin McCarthy Is Literally the Last Person We Need to Hear From Right Now

There Is Only One Way Out of This

Bird of the Week: Macaroni Penguin

The Moral Panic Over Retail Theft Is Out of Control

Kevin McCarthy Cries That He's Definitely Not Owned

The Gaetz of Hell

World's Stupidest Government

All You Need to Do to Understand Dianne Feinstein Is Watch This 30-Second Video

How Not to Announce That Someone Is Dead

Which GOP Event From Hell Made Me Want to Claw My Eyes Out More?

Fate of Nation Rests on Old Man's Ability to Not Fall Over in Public

I'm Starting to Think This Bob Menendez Guy Isn't on the Level


Bird of the Week: Common Grackle

Discourse Blog Is In Its COVID Era

It's So Nice Watching Scabs Get What They Deserve!

Please Welcome to the Stage...Our Old Friend COVID

Sorry I Stepped Out They're Impeaching Biden For What Now?

If You Thought Bill Maher Couldn't Get Worse, Here He Goes!

At What Cost?

Elon Musk Briefly Pauses Antisemitism to Remind Us That He Also Kills Monkeys

Why the Cop City Indictments Are So Important

Bird of the Week: Some of the Greatest Birds We Have Ever Seen

America Has a Toilet Crisis

Tucker Carlson Hits a New Low

What Is Up With Neal Katyal's Stupid Shirt?

I Have Had It Up to Here With the Spotted Lanternflies

This Mitch McConnell Shit Is Getting Ridiculous

I'm Obsessed With This Cable News Cash Grab

No More Bullshit Conservative Folk Heroes Please

The Zombie Dweebs of No Labels Are at It Again

Bird of the Week: Cock-Of-The-Rock

GOP Presidential Candidates Matched With What Drug I Think They Were On Last Night

The Continuing Electoral History of Transphobia

Why Are We Even Doing This?

This Is Your Brain on Transphobia

Bird of the Week: You Have Once Again Sent Us Good Birds

Groundbreaking Inventions In Dentistry Have Changed My Flossing Routine Forever

Who Is Your Enemy, My Brother?

David Brooks, You Simpleton, You Clown

Stop Calling This a 'Natural Disaster'

Bird of the Week: These Pigeons I Saw

Get Big Rewards For Telling Friends About Discourse Blog!

Reality Stars Are Mad as Hell At Their Bosses, And They've Got a Great Solution

Anyone Defending Richard Hanania Should Take a Long Look In the Mirror

No You Crypto Freaks Cannot Have My Eyeballs

It's Actually Really Easy Not to Give Props to a Huge Racist

An Ode To Unlucky Birthdays

Let's All Take a Deep Breath on the New Trump Indictment

Donald Trump is in Deep Shit, But So Are We

Everybody Hates Ron

Massive Scandal Alert

Bird of the Week: Peregrine Falcon

What's Up With People Throwing Stuff at Their Favorite Musicians?!

Why Can’t the Bidens Adopt a Normal Dog

It's Cute How They Keep Acting Like Trump Might Not Be the Nominee

Discourse Blogmergency: Katherine Has Been Laid Off!

Bird of the Week: Bat Falcon

Anderson Cooper’s Feigned Indignation at the Idea the U.S. Commits War Crimes Shows Primary Ideological Function of U.S. Media

Bluesky is a Flop and So is Everything Else

The first thing we do, let’s [REDACTED] all the studio execs

This RFK Jr. Guy Is Starting to Sound Juuuuuust a Little Off

Bird of the Week: American Kestrel

Jonathan Chait declares independence from facts: INDIGNITY VOL. 3, NO. 114

If Hollywood Bosses Want War, Maybe They Should Get It

I Hate Threads and So Should You

Cluster Bombs Are Evil

We Are Once Again Asking You to Send Us Good Birds

G/O Media Provides a Look at the AI-Generated Content Nightmare to Come

NYC's Biggest Freak is Back On the Market

Help Us Declare Our Independence From Elon Musk

Bird of the Week: Hornbills

John Roberts' Affirmative Action Carveout Gives the Game Away

Complaints Department

The 'Multiverse' Is a Goddamn Mess

Let The Rich Babies Fight!

No More Corporate Pride

What a Year Without 'Roe' Has Done

The Cursed Roots of Silicon Valley

Samuel Alito Is a Symptom of the Right-Wing Disease

There's No Debating These Clowns

Talking to Spencer Ackerman and Evan Narcisse About WALLER vs WILDSTORM Issue 02

Liberté, Égalité, Raternité

Have You Ever Seen a Bigger Loser Than This Man

Reminder: Cops Should Never Be At Pride

Talking to Paul Blest (!) About His Band's (!!) New EP (!!!)

Welcome to Hell, Pat Robertson!

We're All California Now

What World Is CNN's Stupid Boss Living In?

Drunk Driving Is a Policy Choice

Bird of the Week: Lanner Falcon

Why Are Scandinavians Like This?!

Conservative Freaks Are Running Out of Stuff They Don't Hate

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'With Open Eyes'

Interview With the Sneakerhead

Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Tina Turner Edition

You Can't Expect a Company to Have Morals

Please Enjoy This Extremely Rich Dick Getting Yelled At

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Church and State'

Bird of the Week: Bearded Reedling

Billionaires Are Strangling Local News to Death

Someone Has to Do Something About Dianne Feinstein

The New York Times Is Running Vile Dreck About Jordan Neely

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'America Decides'

We're Living Through a Vigilante Era

The One Thing That Ruins All Historical Fiction For Me

Now Is a Great Time To Wear Your Mask

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Tailgate Party'

Jordan Neely Was a Human Being

You Can't Just Kill Someone On the Subway

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Living+'

The Bosses Want to Destroy Us

Bird of the Week: American Crow

Ron DeSantis Is Having a Normal One

The Big Conservative Divorced Guy Club Has a Fun New Member

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Kill List'

Fucker Carlson

Jonah Peretti Is the Problem

The Prison of Gender

The Gerontocracy Must Die

Ben Shapiro's Lesbian 'Frozen' Fanfic Sucks

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Honeymoon States'

Bird of the Week: Dracula Parrot

Buying Concert Tickets Is a Crucible of Death Now

What Is Substack Notes????

Not Drinking Bud Light (Transphobically)

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Connor's Wedding'

Lovingly Collecting Nazi Artifacts Doesn't Seem Great to Me


Maybe We Should Believe Trans Kids Instead of the Assholes Who Hate Them

Good Things Can Still Happen

Matzah Is and Will Always Be Bad

'Succession' Sick Fuck of the Week: 'Rehearsal'

The Only Important Question About the Trump Indictment


The New York Post Can Go to Hell

Howard Schultz Did Not Come Ready for Bernie Sanders On The Juice

Zelensky Needs to Raise His Celebrity Bar

All You Israeli Protesters Are Super Angry About Palestine Too, Right?


The Strange, Scandalous Fight Over Florida's State Bird

Donald Trump Is Willing to Die For the Cause (Being Really Dumb)

It Is Very Easy to Define 'Woke' If You're Not an Idiot

'Why Did We Invade Iraq' Is the World's Easiest Question to Answer

'Viruses on Film' Is Something You'll Actually Want to Catch


Ron DeSantis Seems Like a Real Freak

God Save the Drag Queens

The Tech Bro Meltdown Is Beautiful to Behold

'People Are Fucking Pissed, And They Remain Pissed'


The Sinister Origin Story of the Oscars

Meet Your New Favorite Union

Don't Buy the Bullshit Michael Knowles Is Selling

'Everything Everywhere All at Once' Is Not All That


Bari Weiss Is Full of Shit

No More Ukraines, No More Iraqs

The One and Only Question to Ask About Scott Adams

Bird of the Week: Black-Billed Magpie

'We Had No Choice': Why Medieval Times Performers Are on Strike

The Beginning of the Culture Wars

Let's Point and Laugh at James O'Keefe

Shameless Promo Alert: Discourse Blogger Writes For Other Place

Bird of the Week: How Are You This Good At Finding Awesome Birds?!?!?!?!?!

Shame on the New York Times

Who's To Blame For the Disaster in Ohio?

Discourse Blog Asks: Is It Aliens?

When Hell Freezes Over, Again

It's That Time Again: Send Us Your Favorite Birds!

Fiona Apple’s Court Watch Advocacy Rules

Biden's Vacant Vision of the Future Just Might Pay Off

Brightest Minds In Tech Frustrated That Computer Won't Say Racial Slurs

What Was That Cop Bullshit at the Grammys???

Pet-icare for All

The Persecution of Ilhan Omar Has Hit a New Low

2024's Mario and Wario Are At it Again

The 10 Dumbest Congressional Caucuses — Ranked

This Is the World the Cop People Want

Bird of the Week: Secretary Bird

An Interview With the 'This Is Fine' Guy 10 Years After He Changed the Internet Forever

Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Cop City

The Washington Post Has No Time For Games

I'm Okay With AI Taking This One Specific Job, Actually

The New York Times Is Hooked on Transphobia

Bird of the Week: Hooded Merganser

We Have a New Candidate For 'Most Incompetent Politician In America'

How the Other Half Drinks

We Don't Talk Enough About: The "Batman Forever" Soundtrack

The Bitter Legacy of American Colonialism

America's Assault on Libraries Is Only Getting Worse

The Noxious Fumes of Manhattan's Legal Weed Are A Blight On Society

Welcome to Hell, Kevin, You Schmuck, You Rube

Florida Has Always Loved Fascists Like Bolsonaro

Bird of the Week: Indigo Bunting

Is Kevin McCarthy Good Or Bad At His Job?

Fascist Enjoys Retirement In Sunny Florida

George Santos Is the Grifter That the GOP Deserves

Kevin McCarthy is Straight Up Not Having a Good Time

We're Still Here!!!