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The Things That Drove Us Crazy In 2022

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A Future For Fat Liberation

Here's How to Find Elon Musk's Private Jet

The Horrifying War on Libraries

Some Good Ideas to Help Media Companies Save Money

I Tried to Get AI To Write This Blog For Me

The Humiliation of Elon Musk Is a Joy to Behold

Kyrsten Sinema Is Still Playing the Same Old Game

The Traitors at the New York Times

Please Enjoy My Wife's Bespoke Collection of Absurd Political Content

What Goes on In Samuel Alito's Brain?

The 'Free Palestine' World Cup Is So Good

Bird of the Week: Himalayan Monal

Kanye West Is Only Part of the Problem

What Makes a Sport Good?

Joe Biden Loves Trains, But Not The People Who Make Them Run

Why Wouldn't Donald Trump Have Dinner With a Nazi?

Hillary Clinton Talking to An Ancient Clown Is the Funniest Thing I Have Ever Seen

Are Ticketmaster's Days Numbered?

The Sordid History of Thanksgiving

This Bud Is Not For You

Donald Trump is Loving This

There Is Blood On So Many Hands Today

A Dumb Guy's Guide to FTX's Crypto Chaos

We Have Another Midterms Idiot to Dunk On

Donald Trump Is Looking Like a Shell of Himself

How Do You Flip Someone Off?

This Is Not Journalism

Bird of the Week: Twitter Bird

Discourse... Pod? Midterms Madness ft. The Insurgents

Abortion Is a Winning Issue

The Biggest Idiots of the 2022 Midterms

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These Midterms Belong to the Freaks

Why Elon Musk's Stupid Midterms Tweet Matters

How (and Why) to Destroy Big Alcohol

One Cool Trick That's Even Better Than Voting

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Elon Musk's Tweets Are Bad and His Ideas Are Even Worse

No Room For Diplomacy Talk In DC

What's a Little Mass Death Between Friends?

Bird of the Week: New World Warblers

The U.S. Needs to Get the Hell Out of Haiti

Same Moral Panic, Different Movie

The CPC's Ukraine Letter Made Everyone Lose Their Minds

What Did Penn State Think Gavin McInnes Was Going to Do?

Pamela Paul's Idiocy Knows No Bounds

We Don't Talk Enough About: Ernie's Moon Song

What the Hell Just Happened With Liz Truss?!

The Democrats Are Letting the Midterms Slip Away

Big Week For the Jews

Larry Summers Should Quiet Quit Opening His Mouth

Bird of the Week: Caspian Tern

The Worst People In the World Are Coming to Alex Jones' Defense

Liz Truss Is One of the Worst Politicians of All Time

The Media Has Gone Full Ableist On John Fetterman

Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Angela Lansbury Edition

There’s a New Grifter In Town

If You Celebrate Columbus Day You Are the Enemy

Do the Mario Accent You Coward

Brad Pitt Is Proof That We Haven't Learned Anything

Let Them Fight

This Is All So Predictable

'Riotsville, USA' Will Blow Your Mind

Let's All Laugh at Jordan Peterson

This Is What Colonialism Looks Like

Hugging Bullets

Precocious Lordling Vows to Crush Commoner Rival

I'm Starting to Think That American Capitalism Might Be Kind of Evil

I Know What I Googled This Summer (AGAIN!!!!)

Man, What The Hell? Hooo Boy Edition

COVID Tests, Ranked

Wow, Donald Trump Looks Like He's in Trouble!

Ron DeSantis Trades Bodies For Power

Mr. President, Respectfully, What the Fuck?

Bird of the Week: Lammergeier

Britain's Dead Monarch Parade is An Affront to Me Personally

America's Addiction to Cops

Lindsey Graham is the Only Honest Republican

What the Hell Is Up With the Midterms????

The 'Don't Worry Darling' Drama Is Exactly What We Needed

The Queen's Death Has Melted a Record Number of Brains

Henry Kissinger Is Right There: The Queen Edition

A Layman's Breakdown of the Mark Zuckerberg MMA Video

Trump Judge Aileen Cannon is Just Doing What She Was Hired to Do

Man, What The Hell?! The Knee Knows, No? Edition

The GOP Is Starting to Regret Exclusively Nominating Freaks for Senate

The Military-Student Debt Complex

What the Hell is Going On at the Washington Post?

J.K. Rowling Is Back on Her Bullshit

Bird of the Week: Emerald-Spotted Wood Dove

Student Debt Cancellation Opponents Are Absolutely Terrified

2022 Is the Biggest Year of the 2024 Election Cycle

We Don't Talk Enough About: Harold Ramis Saying "That Is Neat"

Good Riddance to Anthony Fauci

Discourse Blog Movie Roundtable: 'Elvis' Edition

Man, What The Hell? Holiday Road Edition

If You Ran the CIA Please Shut the Fuck Up Forever

My New Cat Has Torn My World Asunder

When Reactionaries Fight Alphabet Boys

There's Only One Explanation For Dr. Oz Being This Terrible

'Viruses Show Us That We Are Connected'

Bird of the Week: Which Oriole Is Better?

Dear God, Let Television Shows End

Strong, Silent, Wise Former President Refuses to Speak to Evil Cops

This is All Extremely Funny, Actually

Breaking: You're Allowed to Demand More From Your Government

Man, What The Hell? Blog's Best Friend Edition

Bari Weiss' Fake School Seems Like a Real Gas

I Can't Stay In Texas Anymore

Seeing Conservatives Cry About Losing the Abortion Fight In Kansas Is So Beautiful

Poll: Which President Looks Worse?

What on Earth Do You Have To Do To Lose Your New York Times Column???!!!???!?!?

Birds, Birds, We Want Your Best Birds!

This Is What Every Anti-Abortion Monster Deserves

Vox Media is Getting Ahead of the Recession By Laying Staffers Off Now

You Can't Shame The Shameless

The Monkeypox Fiasco Shows We've Learned Nothing From COVID

Bird of the Week: Pigeons

Man, What The Hell? The Red Stuff Edition

The Best of Discourse Blog

Up Yours Woke Moralists, We'll See Who Cancels Who

Great, Our Very Old President Has COVID

The Israel Lobby Is an Enemy of Democracy

Area Man Takes Hint

Too Hot Today

[Insert Screaming About Climate Change Here]

Bird of the Week: Even More Toucans!

Leave Hunter Biden Alone

We Don't Talk Enough About: The 'Josie and the Pussycats' Soundtrack

John Bolton Knows a Coup When He Sees One

Space? It's Neat!

The White House Can't Hide Its Contempt For Its Own Voters

Bird of the Week: Yellow-Throated Toucan

Man, What The Hell? Dude, Where's My Missile Edition

What the Hell Just Happened With Boris Johnson???

Biden Doesn't Have the Juice

Corporate Media Must Stop Making Ads for Fossil Fuel Companies

What's Up With Chuck Grassley's Big Corn

Here’s to Mike Davis, a Titan

This Fight Did Not Begin With Us And It Will Not End With Us

Joe Biden Doesn't Really Support Abortion Rights

I’m Begging Democrats to Kill This ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Nonsense

Testimony: Donald Trump's Big Jan. 6 Tantrum Was Wild And Incredibly Funny

For Your Consideration: Diet Coke for Breakfast

Can These Absolute Morons Shut Up About Abortion Right Now

100 Years Ago A Cop Was Kicked in the Balls So Hard He Died

We Don't Have to Accept This

Some Questions About the Future of My Reproductive Health

Fuck This Country

Pry My Juul From My Cold Dead Hands

The Supreme Court Is a Death Cult

Mick Lynch Is the Labor Hero We Need

The Conservative Theocracy is Winning

Bird of the Week: This Frog

Man, What The Hell? Wisconsin Calling Edition

Dear New York Times: Please Stop Publishing Terrible Journalism About Trans People

The Kingdom Always Wins

What the Fuck is Nick Kristof Talking About?

We Want Your Top Midterm Freaks!!!

Don't Be Fooled by the January 6 Hearings

Birds of the Week: Weavers

Senators Endorse a Great New Way to Lose Your Money

I've Had More Than Enough of 'Men'

Yes Alaska, There is a Santa Claus

'Every Single Person Is Intimately Connected to This War': Jack Crosbie on His Return to Ukraine

The TERF Mask Is Off

Bird of the Week: Northern Shrike

Man, What The Hell? Back in the Saddle Edition

Evil Pride 'Celebrations,' Ranked

Talking to My Dad About Unions, Newspapers, and Birds

Ukraine Has Made Me More Train-Pilled Than Ever Before

Some Things I Don't Care About Today

Student Debt Activists Are Apparently History's Greatest Monsters

The Least We Can Do Is Be Honest About Guns

Say It Again: Abolish the Police

These Cowards Will Never Protect Us

This Is the World the Gun People Want

Is This All The Democrats Have Got?

Which New York Times Column Is Stupider?

The Discourse Blog Critics' Circle Is Now In Session

We Don't Talk Enough About: Actors 'Drinking' Out of Empty Cups

George W. Bush’s Iraq Gaffe Is an Indictment of America

Tuesday's Primaries Are Good For the Long Game

Personally, I'm Watching Bosch. But What About You?

The Right Wants You to Stop Talking About the Buffalo Shooter's Ideology

Bird of the Week: California Condor

It Shouldn't Be This Hard To Tell the Truth

Literally Anyone Could've Predicted the Great Crypto Crash

Why Starbucks Is Getting Its Ass Kicked By Its Workers

Who Shot Shireen Abu Akleh?

Two Things Nancy Pelosi Loves: Republicans and Living in Fantasy Land

Jen Psaki Is an Embarrassment

Man, What the Hell? Across the Finish Line Edition

The Perils of Pity

‘This Is the Time To Decide Exactly What You Are Willing To Commit To’

Democrats Are Showing How Little They Actually Care About Abortion Rights

A Historical Perspective On the Latest NFT Insanity

Please, Fuck Off: Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski

It's Time For the Democrats to Put Up Or Shut Up

God Damn America

Let's Be Honest About What We're Doing In Ukraine

Los Angeles Is a Better Food City Than New York, Sorry

Bird of the Week: Burrowing Owl

'We Are All Part of This Same Massive Centuries-Long Struggle'

You Can't Beat Trump in a Primary

I Wish I Loved Anything As Much As Madison Cawthorn Loves Smuggling Guns at Airports

Elon Musk Isn't Really the Issue Here

Bird of the Week: Great White Pelican

Man, What the Hell? Get That Bread Edition

Just Give People the Vaccine When It's Ready, You Cretins

Tell Us Your Wildest Teeth Stories

I Am Begging Conservatives to Understand Basic Journalism

The Air Travel Mask Mandate Ended In the Stupidest Way Possible

It's Truly a Mystery Why Young People Don't Love Joe Biden

It Was Never About 'Grooming'

'Ambulance' Is the First Blockbuster About the Horrors of American Healthcare

Maybe You Shouldn't Be a Senator If Your Mind Is Mostly Gone

The NYPD Can't Protect Us

We Don't Talk Enough About: Peter MacNicol's World Class Freak-Out in "Bean"

The Stupidity of This ‘Morning Joe’ Segment Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Even More of Your Birds of the Week

Man, What the Hell? Goddammit Edition

Enjoy the Ketanji Brown Jackson News While You Can

The Secret Left-Wing History of 'Monopoly'

Biden Actually Said a Good Thing Today

The GOP's Disney Obsession Might As Well Be QAnon

Hold Russia Accountable—But Don't Stop There

Fuck Joe Manchin

In Your Face Jeff Bezos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bird of the Week: American Woodcock

When Will Celebrities Learn to Stop Talking?

Fox News Is On a Homophobic Rampage

State License Plates, Ranked

The GOP is Finally Mad at Madison Cawthorn For Mentioning Orgies

Everyone Is Losing Their Goddamned Minds About Will Smith

Man, What The Hell: The Curse of Aaron Dork-in Edition

Turns Out You Could Have a TV Show That Doesn’t Tear Fat People Down

Democrats Handled the Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings Horribly

Private Islands PERFECT for Your Anarchist Commune Are Hitting the Market

Office Hours: Hit Me With Your Worst Shot

This Zelensky Shit Has Got to Stop

Your Birds of the Week Are the Coolest Things Ever

Nothing Is More Embarrassing Than Nancy Pelosi Reading Bono's Ukraine Poem

The Media Is Begging for Biden to Smash the Big Button Labeled 'More War'

Ilhan Omar's Primary Challenger is a Complete Psychopath

Call Texas’ Anti-Trans Crusade What It Is: Family Separation

Human Traffickers Targeting Refugees of Ukraine War

How NATO Could Help Millions of Ukrainians Without Firing a Shot

Man, What the Hell? Jiggity Jig Edition

The Lost Art of Ukrainian Painter Maria Prymachenko

Some People to Blame for the 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

GOP Freaks Are Losing Their Shit Over a Historic Teachers' Strike in Minneapolis

I Guess We're Done Pretending We Care About Climate Change! (And Human Rights, And War Crimes...)

'They've Had to Leave Behind Things That I Didn't': Talking to Jack Crosbie About Leaving Ukraine

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The Triumph of War

Can We PLEASE Not Be So Fucking Weird About All This?

We Should Cover Everyone Like We're Covering Ukrainians

Bear of the Week: Hank the Tank, the Chaotic Fat Bear of Lake Tahoe

The Myth of the 'Good' Intervention

Nobody Needed To Hear From These People On Ukraine

The Psychos Are Trying to Drag Us Into World War III

What Comes Next For Ukraine

Rick Scott's New Plan to Save America is Some Real Freakazoid Shit

What If We Didn't Do This

Bird of the Week: Cassowary

Facebook/Meta Asks: 'Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Die?'

Listen to Discourse Blog's Jack Crosbie on the Ground In Ukraine

The Republican War on Critical Race Theory Is Only Getting Bigger

The Ukraine Crisis Continues to Make People Go Insane

I’m Beginning To Think the ‘Done With COVID’ Crowd Might Not Be a Fully Representative Sample of the American People

We Don't Talk Enough About: Christopher Walken Saying 'Good For You'

Maybe Everyone Can Chill for Like Three Seconds Right Now

Bird of the Week: Great Gray Owl

An Obsessive Quest to Find Out What Is Going On With the Wordle Dictionary

What Do Mountain Lions and Mass Transit Have In Common?

REI Wins the Award for Worst Fake-Woke Anti-Union Campaign

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Failed to Save Amir Locke

Jackass, Forever

The Idiots Are Making Things Up Again

Bird of the Week: House Finch

The Texas Freeze Has Returned, and So Has Our Rage

I Hate the Big Gold Cube With Every Fiber of My Being

Later, Jeff Sucker

Working at a College During COVID Has Sucked

Why Does Bari Weiss Keep Falling For This?

The Boris Johnson Scandal Is Easy for Americans to Understand

The High Cost of Being Poor

Birds of the Week: Fruit Doves

Drag Me Straight to Hell

The Thoroughly American 'Maus' Ban

If I See Another 'Heartwarming' Story About American Capitalist Hell I'm Gonna Lose It

Stephen Breyer Should Start a Hot New Trend: Retiring!

Joe Biden Fell For Peter Doocy's Obvious Trap

Medicine For All

The 'Done With COVID' Crowd Won't Accept That They Won

Bird of the Week: Snow Petrel

Why We Need 'Movement Journalism' More Than Ever

What World Is Joe Biden Living In?

Americans Have Been Duped Into Hating Afghanistan

Testing? Testing?

Rashida Tlaib's Centrist Challenger is Beyond Parody

Bird of the Week: Killdeer

Don't Let the CDC Director Off the Hook

The Worst Performance of the Year Goes to Kyrsten Sinema

We Don’t Talk Enough About: Kirsten Dunst Saying the Name 'Peter'

We'll Never Get Anything Done With the Filibuster

Dr. Fauci's Fights With Rand Paul Are Empty, Moronic TV

The Quickest Way to Solve the Health Care Shortage is Killing Student Loans

We're Being Shoved Into the Pandemic Machine

Bird of the Week: Hoatzin

Today Was So Stupid

To Distracting Myself With New Year's Resolutions In 2022

COVID Is Winning Because We Just Gave Up

Dan Crenshaw Is Desperate For You to Call Him a Maverick

January 6 Isn't an Electoral Strategy